Next up on Apple Arcade: Rayman Mini. I wanted to try a side-scrolling platformer and this is the first that popped up while browsing. I’ve played Rayman Origins on the Wii. This feels similar, but touch just isn’t quite the same as having a d-pad. 🕹️

Beautiful new library in New York. I’d love to visit more libraries while traveling. For such an incredible project, though, I wonder why they didn’t make this one bigger.

I’m enjoying Mini Motorways on Apple Arcade, from the makers of Mini Metro. Reminds me a bit of the original Flight Control in style and craziness when the city gets bigger. I need a new road-planning strategy, though… Wish I could create traffic circles. 🕹️

Apple Arcade is rolling out. I’m going to do micro reviews for a new game each day this week. First up: Tint. Beautiful concept to combine mixing paint with brush strokes to solve puzzles. 🎮

I signed up for ESPN+ to watch a few FIBA games last week. Love that there’s nearly continuous basketball happening somewhere… WNBA playoffs this week, then NBA preseason in just a few weeks. 🏀

Finished watching Undone. I’m usually a little suspicious of rotoscope, but it works here and some of the scenes are incredible. The story is told really well. Hoping Amazon goes for another season. 📺

Finally got to see Les Misérables live this weekend. So great. Still singing the songs, and was trying to play through the sheet music for One Day More on our slightly out-of-tune piano.

I can understand why it’s not currently a feature, but I wish Apple IDs / Sign in with Apple also offered apps a user profile photo.

On the latest Core Intuition, Daniel and I talk about this week’s Apple event, whether to get the iPhone 11, working around Apple bugs, and the upcoming update for iOS 13.

I was reminded today that we’ve had folks on M.b for over 2 years, and the public launch anniversary is just around the corner. Thanks everyone for your support. I’m in this for the long haul… Looking forward to celebrating many milestones over the next decade.

Submitted the new for iOS 13 to Apple. Not totally sure it will be approved right away because of everything new, but crossing my fingers. Daniel and I talk about some of the potential issues on the next Core Int.

Love this incredible project (via the Studio Neat newsletter) to capture a 30-year time-lapse of New York City. Over 4 years in already.

Solid debate tonight for the Democrats. It’s great to see everyone on the same stage. Strong night for Beto too. 🇺🇸

Sent a new beta of for iOS 13 to beta testers. I’m really excited about this release. If you want to get the TestFlight builds, you can sign up here.

Xcode 11 crashes when I try to run on the device with the iOS 13 beta, so this week I’ve resorted to TestFlight builds and printf-style debugging to troubleshoot Sign in with Apple. Very slow, but I didn’t want to jump to 13.1 quite yet.

Disappointing loss for team USA against France. I was worried this might happen after watching a couple of the other close games. Single-elimination is tough. But they did qualify for the 2020 Olympics. 🏀

I’ve already talked myself out of pre-ordering the iPhone 11 Pro this week. Looking forward to upgrading later, though. Just want to save a few bucks first and focus on these iOS 13 updates before I get distracted with a new phone.

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