Finished reading: Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson. Love the premise, characters, and strong first half, then I started to wonder if Stephenson had lost the plot… but it comes together and he sticks the landing. 📚

Rolling out a fix for cross-posting in, which broke when we optimized publishing performance this week. Apologies for the glitch.

IndieWeb Meetup this week in Austin! Wednesday at Mozart’s Coffee, 6:30pm. Stop by to chat about the open web and the upcoming IndieWebCamp. ☕

Day 2 of Catalina, now hitting more issues with full disk access and Ruby-related commands. Using rbenv and starting to wonder if I need to throw everything out and re-install to make Catalina happy. I’ve added all the obvious paths to System Prefs.

Running a series of exports and scripts to do some number crunching and update mailing lists. Nothing fancy. In some cases just pasting Ruby code into the console.

With a couple new releases of and Sunlit out the door, I think it’s time to upgrade to Catalina. I had it on an external drive for testing over the summer and so was happy to avoid upgrading for real. 1.7.2 for iOS is now available in the App Store. Just a few more bug fixes and minor improvements.

Core Intuition episode 394 with @danielpunkass reporting on his first meeting “with his boss”, plus a discussion of’s new domain name registration.

Marking the halfway point on our walk today, took this photo of downtown Austin from the pedestrian bridge. Day 2 prompt for Microblogvember.

IndieWebCamp Austin will be February 22-23, 2020. Registration is now open! Just $10 for the weekend.

Today at 2:30pm central time, Tantek Çelik is giving an IndieWeb talk — Take Back Your Web — at WordCamp US. Check out the livestream for room 240 to watch it live.

I finished NaNoWriMo in 2005 and recommend trying it if you have time. For something shorter, just post once a day to your blog this month to get into a routine of writing regularly. We have a daily Microblogvember prompt at M.b → Discover on the web.

Disappointed that Beto is suspending his campaign before we vote, but it is difficult to recapture momentum after the media has moved on to other candidates. Hope others can advocate for the buyback of assault weapons and speak as clearly about immigration. Thanks Beto! 🇺🇸

If you’re new to, we have pins you can earn just for fun and to encourage posting to your blog. There’s a link under Account. Today, unlock a secret pin by mentioning “Halloween” or “pumpkin” anywhere in a microblog post. 🎃

There’s a new update to our photo app Sunlit out with improvements and bug fixes.

Reacting to the news that Twitter is banning political ads, I’m announcing today that has also banned political ads. And all ads, period. Massive ad-based social networks are unfixable by design. We can do better.

Almost shocked that Twitter is banning political ads. Didn’t think they had the guts to make a single hard decision after accidentally building a platform that manipulates and amplifies the worst parts of society, letting the system run unchecked. They should ban more features.

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