Let's discuss this, shall we?

Will eventually replace in the ?

Derniers Baisers (Sealed With A Kiss)
En français c’est plus romantique.

I’m not a JavaScripter, but it seems to me that this is completely different from context in JS. What do you say, JS experts?

I just got myself an overdose of AWS tutorials.

I concluded that JavaScript is like measles... It will get to you sooner or later. And doctors say that sooner is better than later.

The new version of the Linux distro I have installed on my old, old laptop is too heavy for its hardware. I'll have to replace it with another one. Is Linux becoming strangely like the "other" OS?

Cool story and animation and relevant to the work I'm privileged to be a part of with @b612foundation in helping improve our ability to detect, track, and if necessary avoid collisions with near earth asteroids. #space

♲ NASA and the European Space Agency are teaming up to protect the earth from asteroids…

I was interviewed for this documentary (It was released in France and Germany, they're working on the English version). I think the trailer looks really good!

Today I decided to automate and expand my open source and fediverse software funding to my favorite and most used projects. Every little bit helps. #foss #fediverse #linux…

"This table shows the brightest currently observable . Click on the name of the asteroid to get more details, including finder ."

I'm not saying that I hate to set up databases... 

"I can’t keep track of the number of articles I’ve read about hiring in the past few years. Inevitably, they all follow the exact same format. First, they claim that hiring is broken. Next, they describe the hiring practices used by XYZ company. ..."

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