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We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN.

Our Primary account is now

I'll be slowly moving this account to @marc0s Thanks to @Purism :)

Brand new services from @Purism ! Email, chat, VPN, ... Great news!

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My new hobby: launching vim in full screen mode at the Apple store


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Mozilla is shutting down their IRC servers and moving to Discord, a proprietary chat service.

Hey Mozilla, aren't we forgetting something here? Our very own "Mozilla Pledge for a Healthy Internet” states:

> Principle 2 The internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.

> Principle 6 The effectiveness of the internet as a public resource depends upon interoperability (protocols, data formats, content), innovation and decentralized participation worldwide.

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Docker Hub Hacked – 190k accounts, GitHub tokens revoked, Builds disabled

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2+ million IoT devices vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, allowing attackers to steal passwords:

– the website contains a list, so you can check if your devices are vulnerable
– CVE-2019-11219, CVE-2019-11220
– mitigation: dispose your vulnerable devices, or block OUTBOUND traffic to 32100/udp

#iot #vulnerability #cve201911219 cve201911220 #infosec #mitm #cybersecurity #security

Those seconds when your phone seems to be bricked after an upgrade... And suddenly `adb logcat` starts dumping stuff 😅

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Heads up to all #Riot users: with the recent attack on @matrix' infrastructure, it's possible that Riot's Google Play version got compromised. This doesn't affect Riot's F-Droid version. Just as Riot started to do now, F-Droid has always signed all its apps on an inaccessible, offline machine. For more information, see

To avoid maintenance overhead, however, it's likely to happen that F-Droid users must also change the app in near future. Still, there's no need to act now.

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#XMPP should not be seen as a single protocol "for IM", but as a coordination of coherent protocols, see my FOSDEM talk about it
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OpenSSH 8.0 available:

– contains mitigations for an scp vulnerability (CVE-2019-6111)
– adds experimental post-quantum key exchange method, based on a combination of Streamlined NTRU Prime 4591^761 and X25519
– increases the default RSA key size to 3072 bits
– includes several bug fixes

#openssh #ssh #infosec #security #cybersecurity #postquantum #crypto #x25519 #rsa

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It's Follow Friday!

@ansuz - Creator of @cryptpad, an awesome open source encrypted alternative to Google Docs!

@tom79 - Fedilab developer who is adding first class pixelfed support to the mobile app!

@Curator - Curator/Admin of, a great instance for artists of the fediverse! - An amazing collection of ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives

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Facebook :facebook: always in the news. This time: Millions of passwords of Instagram users stored in plaintext:

– millions of plaintext passwords of Instagram and Facebook users were accessible to Facebook
– besides, Facebook stored 1.5 million records of users without their consent or knowledge

#facebook #instagram #privacy #password #infosec #cybersecurity #security

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Ola Bini #softwarelibre​aren, #pribatutasuna​ren eta #jakintzaaskea​ren aldeko ekintzalea da. Ekuadorreko poliziak apirilaren 11an atxilotu zuen Japoniara zihoan hegazkin bat hartu behar zuenean eta irregulartasun nabarmenak aurkitu dituzte bere atxiloketan. Software librearen aldeko komuniateak bere askatasuna exijitzeko kanpaina hasi du:

Ola Bini (ere) gure laguna da eta gaur egun Ekuadorreko injustiziaren preso politikoa da! Bihar gu izan gintezke #freeolabini

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Check out what's on PeerTube's 2019 Roadmap

There's a lot of cool stuff in the works for PeerTube's 2019 development plans.

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PSA: If the solution does not involve pizza and beer I'm not interested in the problem. :flan_royal:

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