Just because I was looking for new material to read, I have written an excerpt of what hits my inbox: “Newsletters I Have Subscribed To” – marcthiele.com/notes/newslette

Once again my head is bursting as it is full of things I want to do and of things that have to be done. Exciting, but annoying. ;)

Question for those of you who have been at Berlin’s : has anyone taken photos of the exhibition, partner booths and/or the audience? Would love to get these. Thanks in advance.

Bye bye Berlin. It, once more, was wonderful to host my little show @btconf in you. See you jext year! Also thanks to 500 fantastic attendees!

I am humbled and thankful once more. Thanks a lot for your trust in my @btconf events. Early birds went fast again and I‘m sorry for those who did not get one. Looing forward to another show in Düsseldorf. But: Berlin first ;)


Looking forward to seeing a few familiar and new faces tonight at @WWRuhr and sharing the stage with @bastianallgeier. See you there … marcthiele.com/notes/wwruhr-me

No in Munich in JANUARY(!) ;) … but … why don’t you join me for a trip to Nottingham to kick off the year at @naconf? Would be great to see you there. beyondtellerrand.com/blog/no-m

The talk by Hui Jing titled “Box Alignment” completes the set of presentations for . Not too many tickets left. If you want to join in, be quick. See you in Berrrrlin! beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Her work is stunning and therefore I am very much looking forward to her talk about “Beyond Fonts: Elevating Lettering to Art”. Say hello to Gemma O'Brien – beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Mr. Frederic Vanhoutte's talk title for ’s is “Prismatic”. Want to know what it stands for? Try to find out: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Or event better: come to the Berlin show and find out live!

Good morning and hello new week. It‘s getting colder over here and you need a coat for the morning walks with the dog. Working on revealing all talks for Berlin this week. Plus new partners and Side Events. Stay tuned. beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

45 days to go! Many things to be done. But ticket sales these days are massive and less than 30 tickets left. (Who is responsible for the traffic spike on August 20th?)

Yay! So excited and pumped to see all the people. But still so much to do. Where to start? ;)

So: don’t wait and be part of it > beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Just stumbled over an article titled “Underestimating the power of gratitude”, which reminded me how much it usually gives me to write my thank you emails and even more, getting reactions to those.

Maik Wagner invited me to speak about what I love. Best thing: he did the same with @bastianallgeier and therefore I am humbled to speak alongside him again. Talks are in German, but I would be happy to see you there for chats and drinks … marcthiele.com/notes/wwruhr-me

Got a call from someone with an app for my partners at @btconf to get in touch with the attendees and to start and lead conversations. 🙄

I really prefer if they chat from face to face. Attendees to each other or also to partners […]


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