45 days to go! Many things to be done. But ticket sales these days are massive and less than 30 tickets left. (Who is responsible for the traffic spike on August 20th?)

Yay! So excited and pumped to see all the people. But still so much to do. Where to start? ;)

So: don’t wait and be part of it > beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Just stumbled over an article titled “Underestimating the power of gratitude”, which reminded me how much it usually gives me to write my thank you emails and even more, getting reactions to those.

Maik Wagner invited me to speak about what I love. Best thing: he did the same with @bastianallgeier and therefore I am humbled to speak alongside him again. Talks are in German, but I would be happy to see you there for chats and drinks … marcthiele.com/notes/wwruhr-me

Got a call from someone with an app for my partners at @btconf to get in touch with the attendees and to start and lead conversations. 🙄

I really prefer if they chat from face to face. Attendees to each other or also to partners […]


Hey @tobiastom, concerning this: tobiastom.name/notes/d5ada0f0 – what about tagging? Wouldn‘t this do the job? I personally totally disagree with having a lot of different accounts on mastodon (or whatever) for my different interests. It is me, my life, my interests. I am human and love a lot of things ;)

Checked what I have done so far (without any big effort btw!) for website and my own site. Have to work on features and optimise on both. Then, what I learned from @adactio’s book :D mastodon.social/media/u12yffNO mastodon.social/media/UEwo4VsP

The Skillshare JavaScript class of @codepo8 is available for free (if you sign up for a two month trial at Skillshare). marcthiele.com/links/free-java

@pcperini how do I get a chance to test Tusk? Any place, where I can sign up to check it? Greetings from Krefeld.

Welcome to a new week with a new Side Event for . Anil Kumar Krishnashetty and Alexey Vidanov are hosting a half-day workshop on the topic “GUI + VUI. Multimodal Conversation Design” on Thursday 8th. Check the content here: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

“The End of an Era: No Typo Conference Anymore” more and more events pop up every year, but it is sad to see some going on the other hand. With Typo Berlin a well-established event closes its doors after more than 20 years. marcthiele.com/notes/the-end-o

Seen this? “Inclusive Components: The Book” by @heydon Well invested money for great and important content. marcthiele.com/notes/inclusive

As mentioned earlier, I am writing a little post about creating name badges for events. Next to examples, I am looking for other handy posts to this topic like medium.com/@mwichary/name-badg, blog.tito.io/posts/conference- and mymeetly.com/6-inspiring-confe. Also your opinion would be nice to hear.

One of the hardest decision always is (at least for me) choosing typefaces. Matej has written a guide to help you (and me). marcthiele.com/links/combining

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