I think it did not get as much attention as deserved, but here is a Global CfP Day in Düsseldorf on Saturday 18th. Check details here and please spread the word: globaldiversitycfpday.com/even

I just realised: this is going to be the first year in the last 13 years, that I won’t visit Brighton at least once. 😢 marcthiele.com/notes/the-first

Good morning and welcome to a new week. Off to Berlin to finalise a few bits. But not without mentioning, that less than 30 tickets are left for this year’s Berlin edition. Get yours now and don’t miss out: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

A short note about the bumpy ride, finding a new home for in Berlin. It only scratches what happened and how many sleepless nights I had, but I felt the urge of getting some of it outta my head: marcthiele.com/notes/when-you-

Good morning. Don‘t forget: today, finally tickets for go on sale. First friendly faces of speakers are online also. So, have a great start into the new week, don‘t miss to get your ticket (50 less than in the past!) and see you in Berlin! beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Fantastic news: we have a venue for Berlin in November! First speakers and information soon. Tickets on Monday. Dates had to be moved to November 14 and 15 with Side Events and workshops before and after. Mark your calendars and get ready to rock & roll! beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

Matej Latin author of “Better Web Typography for a Better Web” has written a nice blog post about the *State of Fluid Web Typography”. marcthiele.com/links/the-state

I created my usual Wrap-Up blog post and finished the first version yesterday evening. Of course updated as long as I get or find coverage. Let me know if I missed something, please. Thank you all so much for making it such a fantastic and memorable show. beyondtellerrand.com/blog/wrap

I stumbled over this quote a few months ago and it stuck with me as it reflects what I think about self-doubt a lot and is motivation at the same time – marcthiele.com/notes/selbstzwe

A tool that shows you how ADA compliant your colours are in relation to each other. No excuse not to test this anymore. Many tools available and this is another good and easy to use one.

Mr. @brendandawes is “Seeking alternative rectangles”. I often think about this topic and how to deal with the increasing amount of notification from an increasing number of apps and services. How do you handle this?

Good morning from Germany. Today is newsletter day. In this edition: more speakers revealed for , dates for and much more. Sign up to get updates first. btco.nf/bt-news-signup

“Sponsorships Offer Benefits” – I totally second, what @kaibrach says in his newsletter. marcthiele.com/notes/sponsorsh

I read “The Messy Middle”, by @scottbelsky and quite often I see myself in this situation. And then I get angry with myself. How about you?

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