I read “The Messy Middle”, by @scottbelsky and quite often I see myself in this situation. And then I get angry with myself. How about you?

Yay! Really excited for @bastianallgeier and his team about today. Why? @getkirby 3 is here! Check what and how much is new and congrats to Bastian! I know how much hard work went into this new version. marcthiele.com/notes/kirby-3-i

This morning I switched to Mozilla Firefox as my main browser on all my devices. Feels pretty fast and good so far … marcthiele.com/notes/switched-

Just started reading the latest edition of the excellent and inspiring newsletter of @vpieters and in her intro she reminded me of the right attitude and spirit to go with ;)

This @heydon started a new series on making future interfaces. I love the first three videos. But I guess I am simply in love with him … or what he does … marcthiele.com/notes/heydon-on

A nice post by @Hicksdesign about his experience using an iPad Pro (and other options before) as his main device: marcthiele.com/links/using-the

I was trying to make my site more accessible by changing the color. Even though they’re slightly different than I planned, certain people can use my website now (it doesn’t prevent others either). This article explains how to build an accessible color system from scratch marcthiele.com/links/building-

Maria Keenan has written a 14-part FAQ with the most common questions about events and organising events for @useTito. marcthiele.com/links/event-faq

Good morning. 4:30 is certainly not my time. Off to Berlin to check a couple of venues that are in my closer selection for @btconf Berlin. Anyone fancy a coffee around 8:30/9:00? marcthiele.com/notes/venue-sco

A new event with promising subtitle in May in . Check out what @thinkaboutconf is about: marcthiele.com/notes/think-abo

The first of many full talk transcriptions is online. @PhamTranscript is doing a great job again an here comes @LeonieWatson with “I, Human” as full text version: beyondtellerrand.com/events/be

I like @kaibrach’s notes about background stories and processes of his projects ;) Here is one about how he creates @DenseDiscovery … marcthiele.com/links/a-look-be

Yesterday evening I managed to finish the first version of the Berlin Wrap-Up post. All material and coverage, as well as some background information included and updated as long as I get/find new stuff. beyondtellerrand.com/blog/wrap

I did it! The first version of the complete “Wrap-Up and Coverage” post for Berlin 2018 is online. I hope you like it and pleas send me everything that is missing! beyondtellerrand.com/blog/wrap

Just because I was looking for new material to read, I have written an excerpt of what hits my inbox: “Newsletters I Have Subscribed To” – marcthiele.com/notes/newslette

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