📝 New blog post: Some things to appear to be perfect solutions to accessibility problems, but turn out to be types of fata morganas marcus.io/blog/fata-morganas-i

The first step to improve performance/accessibility is to use the tools your user use.

- Use a cheap phone to test
- Disable mouse/trackpad and use keyboard only

So many don't even realize they have a problem, because they only use fast devices and their known input device.

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Make no mistake: SEO experts do a remarkable job, especially since they have no visibility on Google's algo. Black box reverse engineering at its best.

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📝 New blog post: Here's my write-up for 's menu button, some basics I learned from WAI ARIA's related authoring practices, what I concluded from looking into ReachUI's approach - and how I tried to make it all work in/for


Little silly side project: Get a random web accessibility related resource, article, tool, wiki page or else everytime you visit

👉 a11y.one

📝 New blog post: "Creating a banking web app with accessibility in mind". An interview with Hugo Giraudel about their work, best practices, sources of advice and accessibility advocacy at online bank N26 marcus.io/blog/interview-with-

New (and rather long) blog post: (Modal) dialog windows for in and how to implement them in a screen-reader friendly way marcus.io/blog/a11y-app-dialog

📝 New blog post: Let's start building - but take the time for some architectural thoughts first marcus.io/blog/a11y-app-lets-s

An acessible and inclusive vue-switch-button component that is actually a button[role="switch"], not a checkbox: github.com/marcus-herrmann/vue (Background: inclusive-components.design/to)

Since web and inclusive design is most of all an educational problem, it's great to have people like @heydon who can literally cook up great comparisons: "Why Inclusive Design is like cooking a curry"


has made a huge step forward to implementation in the last days. Read WebDevLaw's twitter thread (twitter.com/WebDevLaw/status/1) how it affects the brexiting UK, and check out europarl.europa.eu/news/en/pre to learn slightly more (an informational microsite on the from yours truly is being prepared)

New blog post on the status of , what I learned since the last article, useful customer projects and strategies for accessible Routes in Single-Page


Currently writing the next blog post for the project. Had the opportunity lately to advise a web agency regarding of a single page application, esp. regarding routes, dialogs and focus management, and the research for helped big time!

folks - is there anything against doing the following:

Using router, after route change & a component being called, using said component's mounted lifecycle method to the 1st sensible element within it, after a delay of course?

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"However: Automated accessibility tests aren’t a turnkey solution, nor are they a silver bullet. There are some limitations to keep in mind when using them." @ericwbailey for


Obvious statement of the day: The fact that other apps might not be accessible is not a justification for *your* app not to be accessible. Rather, it’s a space for you to set yourself apart, innovate and gain users!

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