The view this weekend and the view this morning, just got back from a camping trip. Now, let’s get cracking this Monday morning.

Anchors away!
Thinking, thinking,… And never quite able to catch that thought floating around yourself.

Hello Mastodon, long time no see... Got slightly distracted with other things. Good to be on here again.

Hell site

“Going forward, I will no longer be checking Twitter or responding on it … I plan to concentrate as much of my time and energy as possible on building the Small Web.”

#twitter #fediverse #SmallWeb #SurveillanceCapitalism

If you missed today’s Small Is Beautiful live stream, you can watch the recording here:

We talked about Laura’s work on @better and Site.js Hugo templates, @margodeweerdt’s lovely illustrations for the photo blog template, and my preliminary work on Place – the fork of Site.js that I’m working on specifically for the Small Web.

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb

My new website and webshop are live since last week! Very happy with how everything turned out. So, if you are interested in my work or want to support an artist, check out

... It's been a while since the last 'toot' here... And it's October!

Dear Autumn, thank you for returning. I've been awaiting your arrival since March.

Business model: Hi, I’m a poison apple.

UX team: Right, let’s dip this baby in sweet candy and shove a stick into it.

Business model: I’m still a poison apple.

UX team: Yeah, but now they can’t taste the poison.


Friday night = waffle night.

In combination with the podcast ‘How to fail’ from Elizabeth Day.

And the heatwave of the year landed in Antwerp: This weekend temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius and more, it feels like an inferno. (Obviously, we Belgians are not used to this.)

Fan, water, more water, cold showers, icecream and generally 'trying not to melt'.

Have a good weekend! 😎

Some lovely ladies in historical attire for you lot tonight.

I've bought a great book few month back (dear god, it's already juli in the strangest year that 2020 is): John Peacock - The Chronicle of Western Costume.

Another book added to the 'to read list'...
Thanks Daniel Milnor for the recommendation!

(He has a great blog, Shifter, see link bellow.)

Let me put it this way: if you are not a startup (i.e., you don't have venture capital and you’re not looking to scale exponentially and have a billion-dollar exit) and yet you call yourself a startup, you are actively helping the startup that will offer your services for free until it kills your sustainable small tech business.

So maybe don’t call yourself a startup.

Startup is a Silicon Valley brand. It does not mean a new, small tech business.

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