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I can't remember if I ever introduced myself here properly... So:
Hi, I'm Margo. A freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Belgium. An overactive imagination, a brain with a surplus of images flowing through it, a history-enthousiast, a bookworm and cat-person. Pleased to meet you all, dear fellow humans on Mastodon. Plus, I've revamped my website a bit and changed my own branding recently:

Hello Mastodon people, it has been awhile… A sketchbook page to kick things of again, made with ink and acrylic inks for the colours.

Another sketchbook illustration, made in gouache. In a week of personal turmoil, I think about calm ocean views. A feeling of longing to look at an endless horizon. A sense of peace.

Working, painting… A little snapshot of my desk while I work on a commission.

Paint used: Gouache. Some vintage photographs from the 30s of mountains as a reference for some ideas.

A gouache painting in my sketchbook.

It has been a while since I worked with gouache. I enjoy it every time. Now it initially started as a warm up sketch for a commission, but it ended up to be quite nice I think.

Working on a commission today: Painting the logo of Voidwalker and a mission patch on a cotton vest by hand. (Only using textile paint and a paint brush.) The branding was designed by me.

The feeling of being adrift, wandering and searching.

It has been a while here... I am quietly waking up a bit creatively after a more difficult period in my personal life.

Hello everyone! Question: Are there any artists here who have a Patreon or subscription/membership via their own website? Do you like working with Patreon? Or, if you do a subscription via your own website, why did you not opt for Patreon?
Thanks for your thoughts. :-)

Making another lino cut this Sunday.

(Working on several prints, will share when they are done.)

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

New sketchbook is done: I found an unused sketchbook in my cupboard and took off the covers and redesigned the cover with a collage of old prints of my work from 2 years ago. The spine is lined with red Japanese paper. It is bigger than my previous small book, plus minus A4 size.

Let the drawing begin!

Finished my sketchbook. Time to bind a new one! (Or check my cupboard to see if there is a new one in there.)

One of the final sketches in the book.

@thebiologist1117 @jr

Oh there's loads of designers on here.

For example I just recommended @margodeweerdt over on FediFollows

If you're offering a proper paid gig for designers, you might also want to ask @Curator as they are the best conduit for art discovery on Fedi.

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