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Marijn Haverbeke

This week's source of self-inflicted anxiety: oh no, every minute that I fail to publish the 3rd edition of my book people are still reading the inferior 2nd edition. I'm FAILING them! Etc, etc

One advantage of an RFC process is that when people clamor for a feature, asking them to write an RFC is a good way to force them to properly describe and motivate it.

Is there any legitimate use for the "keypress" browser event anymore, now that we have "input" to detect typing and "keydown" comes with a way to identify the pressed character?

Is there a word for the effect where things in a language you're still learning sound deep because you don't recognize the clichés yet?

(The pop music experience of kids whose first language isn't English is deeply colored by this.)

Sent out the "Eloquent JavaScript" laptop stickers to backers of the 3rd edition today. There's a handful left—if you still want in on them, see

(Several people on Twitter saying that no, they shouldn't.)

Do I know anyone who knows things about searching in Arabic text?

I.e. should Yeh and Alef Maksura be considered equivalent? If yes, is there anything about this in the Unicode data? (They aren't defined as compatible... I think.)

Has anyone ever used Promise.race in actual code? I'm trying to come up with an example but the fact that you might end up getting the first rejection and ignoring any slower resolved promises makes it really awkward.

Searching on github also doesn't really seem to turn up any code actually using this for a real purpose.

Shopping for new printer—I *know* I'll hate whichever one I end up with, but I have to try to minimize the awfulness.

Any recommendations? (My feud with HP is personal at this point. Will not be getting an HP.)

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I learned German from watching kid's shows and hearing my partner talk to our kids. I suspect I speak baby German now.

Rust culture: If we do terribly unsafe things in private but expose a safe interface, that's great, right?

Haskell culture: If we can't make the compiler understand and check that what we're doing is safe, we might as well go home.

If you started writing on because 'why not' and 'it's a slick process', consider the fact that the company has started pestering readers to sign up with pop-overs.

VC funded companies are not public works. Their investors will want that $134 million back.

Desperately trying to construct a code example where gluing some NPM modules together with minimal code produces a useful result—without requiring understanding of node or browser-specific stuff.

Actually this was a bit strongly put—their spec is pretty formal (though not very up-to-date) and does cover this case at

TypeScript's lack of formal grammar—plus the fact that I can't find anything on how they resolve the ambiguity introduced by their overloading of <>—leaves a bad taste.

(If there's a resource I failed to find, do enlighten me.)

Search traffic to eloquentjavascript.js, November 2017

████████████████████████████████████████▏Google 40,160
▋DuckDuckGo 654
▌Bing 501
▎Yandex 189
▏Yahoo 167
▏Baidu 110

Effectively, there's a single search engine.