Starting a section in my notes file "Der Untergang des NodeProp" but I don't know how to use the genitive with a foreign word so there goes that attempt at being clever.

(Looking it up, it seems there' no widely accepted way to do this and it's going to be awkward either way.)

The fact that Youtube is always suggesting me, of all things, Bob Martin and German woo fringe videos is doing little to sell me on algorithmic content suggestion.

This is such a super nice piece of feedback on a software package. As a maintainer, I've never felt so seen

Finding out a band that you were into 20 years ago has just kept producing music ever since—and is still good.

Everyone keeps saying how hard it is to create legally sound descriptions of ethical use in licenses. But once we're down to a dozen or so giant tech companies, you can simply list them by name.

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Considering adding an 'except if you're Apple Inc, in which case usage of this software means you have to give me 30% of your revenue' clause to my software license.

No matter how right you are, barging into a bug tracker to tell the people working on a project that they should do things differently is never okay.

(And you're probably not even right, when you're at the 'indignant surprise' phase of looking at code.)

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"Ah, er, yes.” Martín is trying to break some unfortunate news as gently as possible. “The point of these questions is… for you to write the program yourself, rather than using someone else’s code.”

You shift, surprised. “People haven’t seemed to like that so far.”

I should note that parsing C++ without a preprocessor and a symbol table is pretty much nonsense, since half the constructs can be parsed in multiple valid ways depending on the meaning of symbols, but it's the kind of nonsense that an editor without a language server has to do.

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I've published a C++ grammar (the end boss of grammars) for Lezer:

It involved writing a translator for tree-sitter's C++ grammar fixing several bugs in Lezer, hesitantly adding support for dynamic precedence to the system, and fighting a huge, enormously ambiguous grammar for days.

Released version 0.7.0 of codemirror/next, which is feature-complete and intended to, for the most part, have a stable interface. The project is now in the beta phase and I encourage you to start messing with it.

My least favorite type of email is startup dudes assuming I'll surely be interested in a phone call to hear about the hot shit they are doing & provide them with some free consulting.

A thesaurus is an important programming tool.

So it turns out the disk strain caused by having a single huge notes file and constantly saving it as you're editing (or the editor's auto-saves), file size × save count, does start to add up to a non-negligible part of an SSD's lifetime writes once you get in the multi-megabyte file size range.

I came across this and now I'm fantasizing about creating a lifestyle/religion based around ritualized use of flashcards carrying philosophic and mystic ideas:

Novices start out with just some basic accessible entry-grade stuff, but you can book (very expensive) courses with my organization that'll teach you the subtlety of more refined ideas. And then you get a bunch of new cards to take home.

It'll be like Magic the Gathering for existential angst.

Dear right-to-left script users, what behavior of arrow key caret motion do you prefer in a text editor?

"Logical" means Windows-style—cursor might jump and invert direction on bidi boundaries
"Visual" is macOS style—motion corresponds to arrow on the key

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It's amazing how much time you can waste trying to save a fundamentally flawed approach that almost works.

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Excuse me but "Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg won’t talk to the Guardian. So we fed everything he says into an algorithm, built a Zuckerbot, and interviewed it" has got to be the best take.

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My software is terrible and its only saving grace is that other software is even worse

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