Oh my god. With a Thinkpad using Xorg, you can scroll by holding down the middle pointer button and moving the trackpoint. I'm now never moving my fingers from the home row again.

I have half a dozen different node scripts running on my server to take care of small custom services. Anyone know of useful tools for managing and monitoring such things without doing lots of setup or work?

Seven excruciatingly boring hours later... I guess my book's index is slightly better now. hashtag-authorslife

Does anyone have experience with connecting different screens with different pixel densities to a linux (xorg) machine? It'd be really great if the size of the things on my screen is based on the display's DPI, rather than hard-coded or manually configured. Does that exist or should I give up and look for a monitor whose DPI matches the laptop's built-in screen?

The fact that you need extra escaping in filenames when using scp (compared to say, cp) is a poignant summary of all that's wrong with unix

Great looks like I'm going to use this account for introspective self-indulgence. Unfollow asap

Software building, especially the part where I push back on all kinds of enthusiastic but problematic community contributions, is enabling all the worst parts of my personality

Trying to type this passphrase on an unfamiliar keyboard and I'm glad ssh doesn't try to rate-limit

Don't stay in the weeds for more than 10 minutes when debugging. Stop and actually reason about what's going on, or you're going to waste hours in wandering around a desert of invalid assumptions.

If you're a free speech absolutist but still use a spam filter on your email account you're a fraud

What if I'm subconsciously sabotaging the communities around my projects because I don't want to deal with _people_?

Weird how different community interaction for different projects can be. Some of mine (simplified, doesn't apply to all users, obviously)…
Postmodern users: hey there's this missing feature, but I included a high-quality pull request that adds it
Acorn users: so according to annex 30.500 in version 7 of the spec, this may not be right
CodeMirror users: someone please implement this for me!
ProseMirror users: hey I wrote this new package that builds on the library, take a look

"Standard practice" be damned, proposing a big scary one-sided contract to a contractor feels like an aggressive power play and makes me a lot less interested in working with you

When people change their avatar and I suddenly have no idea who I'm talking to

We're rewriting CodeMirror to be more accessible, more touchscreen-friendly, more modern, and generally more awesome. You can read about it and help out at codemirror.net/6/

"Use a good idea again instead of generalizing it" and other gems in Hints for Computer System Design research.cs.wisc.edu/areas/os/

Any design can be made better by obsessing over it longer and getting more feedback. 'Done' can only be defined in terms of how much time and effort you can afford to sink into it.

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