I hope everyone is doing OK, crazy times we live in. I am writing another book, working on an app (an AI assistant for generating SPARQL semantic web queries from natural language), and reading good books. Life is good!

I have had a Common Lisp repl with associated editors open now for three days while working on a commercial product I am developing. Reminds me of working on DARPA's NMRD project in 1980s, mostly in CL, when we would keep repls for live systems open for weeks.

I added a caching layer to my new app that uses WikiData and DBPedia. Really speeds up dev testing and code hacking since many SPARQL queries get repeated.

I used to offer 1 hour free mentoring time. While the new corona virus shutdown is in place, I decided to restart my mentoring activities: markwatson.com/mentoring/

I retired from managing an AI/deep learning team at Capital One a year ago. Since then I have returned to my roots: doing basic research, mostly using Common Lisp.

In the 1980s I used a hardware Lisp Machine, since then I have used excellent open source Common Lisp systems like CCL, SBCL, Armed Bear, and CLisp. Just today I gave myself a "retirement gift" of a professional license for LispWorks.

Interesting decentralized platform blockstack.org/about

Just heard interview with founder. They have $75M in funding

I have been enjoying two books on the subjects of decentralization, resisting the attention economy, and surveillance capitalism: Jenny Odell’s “How to Do Nothing. Resisting the Attention Economy” and Shoshana Zuboff’s “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power.”

Both are wonderful books that act as guides for living as a human and not simply as fuel for corporate profits.

I am new here, let me introduce myself: a consultant specializing in deep learning, machine learning, and general artificial intelligence software development. He uses Python, Common Lisp, Java, Clojure, Haskell, and Ruby for development.

An author of 20+ published books on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Java, Ruby, Machine Learning, Common LISP, Clojure, JavaScript, Semantic Web, NLP, C++, Linux, and Scheme.

My recent books: leanpub.com/u/markwatson


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