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If we should go back
To what we once were
And the feelings we had
Then maybe there’s life in the things that have died
Maybe we’ll find that the true paradise is waiting inside

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When one creates, it can be tempting to imagine creation emanates from the creator when in reality, creativity only coaxes creation from eternity. Creators don't fabricate creations, creations reveal themselves to their creators.

Soon we will be able to afford running the heat in the apartment past 65. I just want to be warm.

My favorite show to watch is engineers wearing product hats in the crypto space. No disrespect, but is there a worse combo???

🕺🏽Tonight I'll meet my friends; we were once the greatest.🎶

*extremely sunny*
Filth! Filth! Filthadelphia!

Holy shit is has been a long time since I've had to smell Penn Station.

Motion to rename Standing Desks to Dancing Desks.

Man oh man, so grateful it's quiet in peaceful in here today. 🧠

The creative is the sleeper hit in Apex Legends. I really think if the incredible gameplay had had a bit more care in the creative, it would have had more staying power. The Legends were a good play.

Feeling better for a solid 20 hours and staying up way past my bedtime, but at least I'm staying hydrated.

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