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If we should go back
To what we once were
And the feelings we had
Then maybe there’s life in the things that have died
Maybe we’ll find that the true paradise is waiting inside

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When one creates, it can be tempting to imagine creation emanates from the creator when in reality, creativity only coaxes creation from eternity. Creators don't fabricate creations, creations reveal themselves to their creators.

If you don't get an SMS back from me it's because I changed my number, DM or email for new digits 💜🖤

if i still owe you an email email me again plz i really biffed it with moving the last few weeks i think i got them all out but if not ping me again ily tysm

The Instagram lyrics feature would be so cool if it actually knew the lyrics instead of making them up.

Horses in the back
Horses in the back
Horses in the back
Horsey horses in the baaaaaaack

Looking for one person in Philly who does their job.

I am behind on emails if I owe you one ty 4 yr patience.🙏🖤💜

Fewer than 24 hours left in Philadelphia and they can't pass fast enough.

Do we have a new smart contract language for tracking all the new smart contract languages yet?

I just need to take a second here and call out this absolute champion I married. Holy cannoli, she put in work over the last 24 hours. She went full beast mode eyes when she realized the only thing standing between her and a shower + bed was a jewelry chest and some boxes. 💪💃🏽

Packing packing packing packing
After this month we don't live in Philly anymore and I am LIVING FOR IT.

Never gonna give you up for eight seconds
Never gonna let you down for two seconds
Never gonna run around and desert you for six seconds
Never gonna make you cry for two seconds
Never gonna say goodbye for eight seconds
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you for two seconds

Gab has two known domains at the moment: and

So admins, go ahead and preemptively de-federate with those domains!

Every video on YouTube uses the same library of 50 soundcloud licensed songs

Mozilla releases emergency update for critical security vulnerability in Firefox :firefox: :

– Firefox and Firefox ESR are affected by an exploitable crash
– update to FF 67.0.3 and/or FF ESR 60.7.1
– attackers are already exploiting the vulnerability, known as CVE-2019-11707

#firefox #firefoxesr #mozilla #vulnerability #update #security #infosec #cybersecurity

We need a new mobile OS.
We need a new mobile OS.
We need a new mobile OS.
We need a new mobile OS.
We need a new mobile OS.

Broke: only bacon lettuce and tomato belong on a BLT

Woke: a sausage egg and chee + lettuce and tomato = BLT

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