A feature of email is that my inbox is an immutable copy of everything I received no-one can change.

With email, I can prove I've been harassed, sent malware, wrong links, illegal orders by my employers, the date of an event I've missed because it was wrong and I'm innocent, etc.

With Google AMP, the sender will be able to "update" those emails and deny his mistake, hide proofs, fake the history.

This technology put people at risk.


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Did you know that Italy has banned facial recognition software?🇮🇹

We are in Milan this week to find out how they did it.👀

#BiometricSurveillance limits freedom & violates privacy. That's why we want the EU to ban it.

Learn more: greens.eu/3PoAQsW


Safe Network Update 12 May

One of the simplest but most fundamental features in the Safe Network design is Node Age.

Essentially, Node Age replaces systems like Proof Of Work in rewarding good behaviour, punishing bad, and making life very difficult for a Sybil attacker.

It provides an important measure of the quality and ongoing trustworthiness of every node, and is our featured topic this time around.


The EU #chatcontrol thing is all about forwarding everything into gigantic police databases for analysis and automatic criminalization.

The ruling class knows that there is trouble ahead. It wants to be able to keep the lid on any emerging mass movements which light challenge the oligopoly when the manure hits the rotating thing.

Fascinating #SafeNetwork update this week announcing Safe Labs and explaining how Node Age protects against Sybil attacks. safenetforum.org/t/update-may-

“War upon end-to-end encryption”: EU wants Big Tech to scan private messages - arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20 they still don't understand the technology, just expect people to "nerd harder"...

A digital cash Big Bang is coming, on #SafeNetwork: "Once the network launches for real, the genesis DBC will be reissued and subdivided and spread across the firmament. The best mechanism for this distribution is what we’re looking into now." safenetforum.org/t/update-5-ma

UK lawyers still able to work for Russian clients despite new services sanctions - theguardian.com/business/2022/ so russians will still be able to use unethical lawyers to threaten journalists who print the truth? got it...

Bore da Good morning! It's at . I volunteer with the Canal and River Trust
This is my view, two boats waiting to cross the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. The site is part of the Unesco World Hertitage site. 11 miles of Llangollen canal from Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen to Gledrid in Shropshire. Including Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Chirk Aqueduct. World Heritage status was granted in July 2009. I love volunteering here.

"In India, Facebook is expanding its role far beyond that of a social media platform ... Facebook has entered a deal with India’s largest corporation, Reliance Industries, in a bid to monopolize the entire food supply chain in India"

"We have serious losses but the Russians' losses are much much bigger...They have colossal losses," presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said." - reuters.com/world/europe/russi

Musk didn't buy Twitter he bought us: our attention, data, thoughts, fears, interests, allegiances, connections, private messages and..

..more importantly he bought the ability to inspect and control all of that.

He paid about $200 for each of us. #twittersold

Safe Network takes a big step towards: "Membership has now been integrated into the Safe Network. This is the culmination of an epic slog by the whole team and it represents a major milestone" 👏

And a new era for Digital Bearer Certificates explained:

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Let me explain
As Savile wasn’t escalated to him, Starmer introduced new policy to ensure all high profile cases were escalated to him so such mistakes couldn’t reoccur - hence his “prosecuting” Huhne

It’s called fixing a problem he inherited

Ps:didn’t you lie on oath recently?

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According to Studies, "Mass surveillance creates fear, meekness, and self censorship."

It would appear this is exactly what Macron is calling for.

Targeting of dissent + suppression of #Democracy.

A key features of an autocrat is their tendency for inversion speak.

#DumpMacron #Macron #France #French #Anonymity #Privacy #News

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Tory government turns a proud, diverse, prosperous Britain into a petty third world, asset stripped kleptocracy.

> Women in England’s poorest areas die younger than in most OECD countries theguardian.com/society/2022/a

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Josephine sets a great example to us all by postponing her birthday party until we have sent coronavirus packing.

Together we can beat this. In the meantime let's all wish her happy birthday (twice) whilst washing our hands. twitter.com/LocksHeathCC/statu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BorisJohnson/statu

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