The Web is the Problem

So I’m giving an online talk to the whole Web Foundation team on Thursday and this is the opening slide…

The episode of Inside Story on Al Jazeera English that I was on yesterday is now ready to watch: quite happy I was able to turn what was meant to be a humdrum review of Snapchat’s recent financial loses and a superficial look into the lack of innovation in mainstream technology into a critique of surveillance capitalism with mention of decentralisation and alternatives like Mastodon.

I’m on Inside Story on Al Jazeera English at 17:30 GMT today, talking about the toxic business models of people farmers like Facebook & Google and how we must move beyond #SurveillanceCapitalism to create commons-based, decentralised, interoperable, free & open ethical technologies to afford us individual sovereignty & a healthy commons and thereby safeguard our democracy. (I also mentioned Mastodon) ;)

Watch live:

Targeted in the hands of a tiny wealthy tech elite linking Mercer, Bannon, Trump, Brexit, Russia, Thiel, Schmidt etc

Essential reading, published today:

"A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum."

But this story is global, not about UK.

task done, and no leaks, unlike 10 downing Street ;-)

Plastic 'fastfit' plumbing is awesome - anyone can do it.

So far I've

- added a radiator to my office that is plumbed into the cooling system of my engine.
- replumbed the calorifier to lift it off the floor
- (today) shortcutted the hot water to my bathroom, and bound the pipe to my stove/back boiler heating pipe so it will start off warm in winter :-)


Unless I spell this out, you may not realise what those​ four commands do:

- uploads a website to the network
- registers a web domain and
- publishes that website forever (nothing else to do, nothing else to pay)


The Future: How to create & publish a website and register a new domain in four lines.

This is incredible:

# website files
mkdir public/my-dir
echo "Hello world!" > public/my-dir/index.html

# publishing
mkdir dns/
ln -s public/my-dir dns/

"Individual or collective clouds? Both/"
~give individuals individual clouds, with its own “permanent” domain name = identity;
~community clouds with extra features for specific “group activities”;
~individuals should “enter” these community clouds, and participate in them from their own clouds, instead of having extra identities inside them;
~“platforms” and the cooperatives behind them should provide services

Just watched 'Beautiful But Dangerous', with Robert Mitchum from 1954

#Google's former 'design ethicist', Tristan Harris:
"The more influence that tech products exert over our behaviour, the less control we have over ourselves. “Companies say, we’re just getting better at giving people what they want. But the average person checks their phone 150 times a day. Is each one a conscious choice? No. Companies are getting better at getting people to make the choices they want them to make.”

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