Just updated the goodreports.com recommended mobile devices with three interesting-but-unavailable options, plus a warning about Librem 5:


h/t @jamesmullarkey

The Muslim Pro app, used by tens of millions of Muslims, is selling location data to third parties. Not good.

Just updated the "best mobile device" entry on Good Reports with a very expensive smartphone alternative...

I "cold-opened" my techtonic.fm show last night with 2 minutes of post-election celebration in my neighborhood, here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Listen: wfmu.org/archiveplayer/?show=9

I'm super excited to officially announce: I have just launched goodreports.com - a new review site for non-toxic online tools, fully supported by users.

Please share - we need to give more exposure to teams creating good tools.

And yes, @Mastodon itself gets a mention!


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Just posted my latest - on the corruption of the algorithmic timeline.

Thanks, @Mastodon, for staying away from that corruption.


What a coincidence that Dorsey and Zuck both have perspectives on free speech that - amazing! - align perfectly with their companies making the most money.

Today I'm airing my Techtonic interview with Jathan Sadowski, author of "Too Smart: How Digital Capitalism is Extracting Data, Controlling Our Lives, and Taking Over the World."

Livestream on WFMU starting at 6pm Eastern: wfmu.org

Look what arrived: the tips booklet I made for listeners of my WFMU radio show, techtonic.fm - we're starting to mail them out. Design by Greg Harrison.

Includes mentions of @Mastodon @jamesmullarkey @aral @protonmail @duckduckgo +many more.

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

Yes, got another reminder that Twitter is a surveillance capitalist.

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