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Google wants websites to adopt AMP as the default approach to building webpages. Tell them no. Make your site lightweight on your own. No reason to help centralize the web under Google's control even further

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Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. Get your own domain name and install a self-hosted blog on it. Stay away from commercial and hosted platforms. That's the best way to be independent, decentralized and stay in control.

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My blog is now without any cookies, analytics, JavaScript and third-party requests. Pure content

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@rcode3 @markosaric Overall, the call to publish stuff on your own platform and to syndicate it to other platforms is perfectly aligned with the general idea of #indieweb (that is imho favorable). You could also see mastodon as a "reduced" walled garden in some sense, because if the mastodon instance you "live" on goes down, you lose your content as well unless you made a backup.


The Fediverse has a couple of great alternatives to Medium too:

They federate with ActivityPub so people can follow your blog on Mastodon etc.

"Can we all please stop using Medium now?"

Good post by

If you really must use Medium, publish the post first on your own blog and then use "Import a story" feature within Medium to post it there too. You get best of both worlds that way.

"I charged $18,000 for a Static HTML Page... and got away with it"

Interesting and accurate look at how big companies work from the perspective of a contractor. Great post by

"I think a lot of people are doing blog content wrong for a few reasons from an SEO and user-experience perspective and that’s why they abandon it"

Great post by

"WordPress 5.2 was released on May 7 and provides the first real layer of defense against a compromised update infrastructures: offline digital signatures"

"Hello! This is my personal web site. It’s not much, but it’s mine. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in 2019 trying to breathe new life into it. At this point, I think just about everyone should have a personal web site of their own. Let me tell you why"

Nice introduction and the background story to all things open source software. When you finish reading it, go take a look at a Gnu/Linux distribution, WordPress or some other free software and see what it's all about

How To Get More People To Negatively Respond To Your Email Outreach - my latest article on

We're about to get spammed harder! 🙄

👉 Emailing the same contact multiple times = 2x more responses
👉 Messages sent to multiple contacts = 93% more responses
👉 Email sequences with multiple attempts and multiple contacts = 160% more responses

"In 2019, what do the top-ranked blogs have in common? They skip filler introductions, keep their paragraphs short, get to the point and employ a “table of contents” experience. Get out of the reader’s way"

Great intro to content marketing by

"Writing online is the fastest way to accelerate your career"

And it's so easy to start that there's no excuse not to get going. Producing any content yourself easily beats mindlessly consuming other people's material.

"People hate ads. Marketers delude themselves into believing consumers like ads, but by accepting they don’t you’ll better understand how to make an effective one"

Or just stop shoving ads down people's throats and create some true value instead.

How does SEO:

"We are educating editors and reporters on the best practices when it comes to search — whether it has to do with headlines, URLs, timing or story forms. We are teaching them how to spot how well their story is doing on search."

Gnome without the Software Center running permanently in the background is so much faster and efficient. Not sure why, but even with the automatic updates disabled, the software center is always on so had to completely remove it from the system.

sudo apt purge gnome-software is your friend

"Facebook Is Changing News Feed (Again) to Stop Fake News"

Like pretty much every Facebook algorithm change, expect this one to deal a further (final?) blow to the organic reach, even for those who don't spread disinformation.

"Initiatives designed to improve its business had hit profits. To stay competitive, the retailer launched 200 localised microsites - smaller sites which perform alongside its main website - which had a negative effect on Asos' search engine rankings"

"Asos' pre-tax profits fell 87% to £4m for the six months to 28 February against the same period in 2018. Asos said marketing changes meant a fall in visits to its websites and a drop in its search engine rankings."

This will be an SEO/content case study for years to come.

"I absolutely detest modern "social media"—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. It's a disease. It seems to encourage bad behavior. Nobody can hear you being subtle"

Virtually anybody who is trying to do anything worthwhile at all has seated in his or her brain, a horrible homunculus that blows a dreadful little trumpet, and only knows one song – a song that goes, “You are not good enough. Why bother?” by

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