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Happy 2018
I'm a pixel artist and a game developer
Here's the first teaser of the game I'm making:

You can support me via patreon

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Support the development of Aftertile, a game about ghost and friends,and get exclusive wips, timelapses and sketches

this shrine maiden's name is Hatsuko and she's half shrine maiden, half carp

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Twitter: r2d2c3poacco

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#words alone

only one
human's facet

voice sound
color shifts

perceptions again

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how do you natto?

no, really.

just so you know
I made her. She's real
Will post her soon <3

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a honeydew melon
printer cartridges
oyster noises

get in this ✨joyful llama ride ✨and become a character in the game

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the best therapist you can get is a stone
it will always give you solid advice

if you wanna join the ghost hug journey, you can on my patreon ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳° sparing a few dollars and becoming a character in the game

whenever you feel stuck, take a break when you can
have some pizza, glass of cold water, roll on the ground with the dust

you'll be like a new person when you look at your art/code again

had too much pizza >.> halp

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lemons too, but I already had like 4 lemons today

what's the lowcarbest sweet snack you can think of?

gonna include this in ▮Aftertile▮ with the rest of the other fountains
if you wanna join the ghost journey, you can on my patreon ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°