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Support the development of Aftertile, a game about ghost and friends,and get exclusive wips, timelapses and sketches

simple feelings
simple life
a few, but close friends

It was a rough week for me
so I made another tiny friend to cheer for me and for you in case you need it
I wish you a happy weekend

even though my traditional art is not representative of what I do in pixels I quite enjoy what I've done so far
and I think it packs a cool folio

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hi friends I have this comfy game project going on
and you can support it on patreon and get exclusive access to wips, gifs

a part in the game
the game when it's done

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making pixel art like Show more

the sound of sprinkles in a glass bowel

it's been a while since I've last posted any surreal poems
here goes

good morning ✨
I just knocked over my coffee over my desk ✨
✨✨over my notes✨✨
✨✨✨ and keyboard ✨✨✨

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Hello, friends!
Aftertile is my passion project.
It is a comfy action-adventure game with ghosts about softness, hugs and companionship.
I am not working on it full-time, but one day I hope to! I have a patreon where you can support me:

I made a game in 5 hours for 44 and it's a prayer simulator
with a cat
it's comfy

and I have this super comfy game project on patreon which is one supporter away from 30

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