And it's done! All instances hosted in are now running Mastodon v2.5.2

This one was fast ☺️

Any issues, please let me know.

I will be starting the upgrade for all instances hosted on to v2.5.2

You should expect under 30 seconds downtime during the upgrade of your instance, sometime during the next couple of hours.


Upgrade to v2.5.1 finished :)

Any issues, please let me know. Thanks

I will be starting the upgrade for all hosted instances to v2.5.1 now.

You should expect less than 30 seconds downtime sometime during the next couple of hours.

This release is a backport/vulnerability patch and you can read about it here:

Maintenance finish. All back to normal!

Any issues, please let me know.


In the next 5 minutes I will be doing a restart to one of the host servers for shared hosting and some instances may experience a couple of minutes of downtime.

Sorry about the trouble

There was a software upgrade in the OVH data center where shared hosting is installed that caused about 5 minutes of downtime around 1:50 am (GMT).

OVH report:

Maintenance finished. Probably you didn't even notice it :)

I will be doing some maintenance on all shared hosted instances, there could be a downtime of less than 30 seconds during the next hour.

Did you know that exists?

It's a new project where you can find people in the Fediverse and follow them by topic.

Also, you can request to be included. It's a really cool idea.

If you are new to Mastodon or you are looking for more interesting people to follow, you should check it out.

Testing CDN for media files and DNS provider change for

You can read about it here:

And it's done!

Every instance hosted by is now running v2.5.0 😓

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with, now that you have custom CSS available.

Hope you have fun 🐘 and do let me know if you run into any issues.

As expected the upgrade to v2.5.0 is taking a long time and I am running it one server at a time to avoid overloading the database servers.

First server is updated and it took 1:30h. Now, 10 more to go :|

Hopefully I will manage to upgrade everyone in shared hosting today (can't promise) but by tomorrow at this time I am 99% sure that everyone will be running 2.5.0, if no issues arise.

Any questions or if nothing something strange after the upgrade, let me know. Thanks

All going well, I will be starting the upgrade to v2.5.0 for all hosted instances in a couple of minutes.

This release will take longer than usual to upgrade, so I can't say how long it will take until your instance is updated. If I believe it will take a long time, I will post information about it.

The upgrade should cause less than a 1 minute backup.

You can read about what changes here:

Pretty cool stuff coming :)

At around 2:05 GMT something sent a massive amount of load through the network (all instances even dedicated independent servers experienced it).

Some instances on one of the old smaller/cloud servers that I still didn't have time to migrate were don't for about 15 minutes.

Apologies for the downtime and I'm planing to terminate all cloud servers by tomorrow and have everyone on shared hosting using bare metal.

I really hate these spikes and can't fully understand them.

For instances that cannot upgrade from v2.3.x, they could try and apply the hotfix that @nolan created: months ago and that was reported here:

I had to block some external instances on shared hosting.

Here is why and how that can be reverted:

This was a tricky decision but couldn't think of a better solution.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know.

Response from the data center: "problem with the network connector" of that server that required human intervention.

All instances are up and running.

I will try and get a response from the data center to what went on with this server.

Really sorry about the trouble.

Any issues, let me know.

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