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Version 1.3.9 of Mastonaut has just been released which addresses some instance emoji rendering issues on macOS Monterey, plus some small bug fixes:

• Fixes global search menu item not having a shortcut. (⌘⇧F)
• If a user has more than one account with the same display name, Mastonaut now lists the instance domain below the display name in the account pickers.
• Fixes context button in boosts and replies not being clickable.

Thanks for using Mastonaut!

Mastonaut 1.3.4 is out, with plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements!

(It may take up to 12h for the update to show up for you, but usually less). Let me know what you think!

Mastonaut 1.3.3 is out now. This update brings many small fixes and some UI changes to make browsing more intuitive. Check it out:

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I’m playing around with the arrangement of the context row elements, and I’m not sure which one is best. Which one do you prefer? (Poll on following toot)

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The official list of Mastodon apps is updated! Additions:

Mastonaut for Mac
Mast for Mac
Cuckoo+ for Web

Furthermore, @JPEG's Mast for iOS is now free!

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Version 1.3.2 of Mastonaut is out! It brings several bug fixes and improvements. Among them you’ll find:

• Sockets are more reliable, so Mastonaut should now better keep your timelines rolling.
• When a timeline is scrolled away from the top, it should no longer scroll when new toots arrive.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Mastonaut from relaunching after being quit in full screen.

Happy tooting!

Mastonaut version 1.3 is out! This update brings a lot of new features, such as notifications (can be configured by account); a share extension so you can share web pages, images, and more from the share menu in other apps; pinned toots; and a lot more.

This update has been under development for the past couple of months and also brings a lot more polish to the app. I hope you enjoy it!

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I’m aware of a bug affecting the toot composer in Mastonaut: If you try to reply to a status while the composer is uploading an attachment, it might corrupt the upload, even if the icon shows it as “uploaded.” I’ve already identified the issue and it should be fixed in the next update. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Version 1.2.2 of Mastonaut is out now. It includes fixes to several bugs and crashes, plus some new features.

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Mastonaut is currently featured in the Mac App Store discover screen! 🥳

A big thanks for all the users who reached out with reports of this issue. It is very easy to miss obvious bugs like this when you’re the only tester. I do work to improve my testing checklist, but it’s a work in progress. Thank you for your understanding, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy tooting!

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If you were having issues logging in after the previous update, I do apologize. I’m happy to announce that ‪the update that fixes this has been approved and should show up on the App Store anywhere from now to the next couple of hours.

If logging-in fails again, try a second time, because Mastonaut will now refresh its credentials after a failed login.

Mastonaut version 1.2 is out! This is a major update that includes two big features that have been requested a lot:

∙ Search: You can now search the mastodon world for accounts and hashtags right from Mastonaut (status search is coming soon). Access it from the “File > Search…” menu, or by hitting ⌘F.

∙ Polls: Vote on polls right from your timelines in Mastonaut, and compose your own from the toot composer.

Get it from the Mac App Store!

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Oh, by the way, version 1.2 of Mastonaut will also include a search feature, because why not?

Version 1.1.1 of Mastonaut is out! This patch release fixes a cash on launch issue introduced in version 1.1.

A fix for the latest and greatest crash on launch bug in Mastonaut is ready, uploading to the App Store, and should be out soon. I’m sorry for the issues.

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