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Find me at from now on – if you have nothing else better to do.

Happy May Day! Remember all those who fought and died for workers rights, including a 40-hour work week, 8-hour day, and breaks.✊ 🎉

GPG and S/MIME spoofing attacks: Out of 20/22 tested email clients only Mailfence and Horde/IMP with a clean sheet.

/e/ is looking for a full-time developer (remote/telecommuting).

- good programming background
- likes to dive into complex things, result-driven, autonomous, knows GIT
- likes to work in multi-cultural environment

Interested in changing the world with us? Contact me at + resume

Today is my birthday, so I am organizing a #giveaway.
To participate, it's easy:

- like this post
- share it
- comment the post by giving me your favorite movie

You can win one of the illustrations in the picture! :)

Results on 05/13/19

1) PSOE (center-left socialists, 29,61%)
2) PP (right-wing conservatives, 16,70%)
3) Ciudadanos (Macron-like liberals, 14,86%)
4) Unidas Podemos (anti-system left-wing, 11,96%)
5) Vox (I think it's fair to call them the far right now, 9,83%)
6) ERC (Catalan moderate left independentists, 3,67%)

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Today is the day. We vote today the representatives for the next 4 years. If you know someone from Spain, encourage to vote.

In the past there's been as much people not voting as the most voted party. This time there's a lot of pushing for avoiding this.

Also there's a far-right party which according to polls, is going to get a lot of votes, and the safest way to avoid they get a lot of power is to encourage everyone and vote.

Boost are welcome. Wish us luck. Thank you!

Thank you and good night 🤯:

»The brain starts to eat itself when it can’t sleep: After a period of chronic sleeplessness the […] cells go into overdrive, to the extent that they may do harm to the brain. Think of it as frantic housekeeping, when the brain throws out the dishes along with the stains.«

»I am reading in several digital media that the PODEMOS WhatsApp account has been reactivated.

We have received a message that it will be reactivated, but the account remains inoperative.

Even if it is reactivated, it will not arrive in time to use it in this campaign.

6:25 AM - 25 Apr 2019«

Juanma del Olmo on Twitter

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»Estoy leyendo en varios digitales que se ha reactivado la cuenta de WhatsApp de PODEMOS.

Hemos recibido un mensaje donde se informa que se reactivará, pero la cuenta ahora mismo sigue inoperativa.

Aunque se reactive, no llegará a tiempo para usarla en esta campaña.

6:25 AM - 25 Apr 2019«

Juanma del Olmo on Twitter


WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, just shut down the massive channel used by Spain's independent leftist political party Podemos.

And it did this just days before the general election

This is actual, extreme election meddling by a foreign corporation


vulnerability 2018-11976 – the affected chipsets are listed here:

SD devices you can easily find here:

And/or check if you received the april 5 security patch

"if you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments." — Stephen Wright

“Yet if Facebook takes your words, location, and preferences and sells them, this is not (yet) considered theft. Why not? ”

If anyone knows and is looking for a project to help out with, Go-based protocol implementation library and a native Signal client using it are in dire need of love:

Yes, I also prefer truly decentralized protocols, but Signal is where it's at currently with a lot of people, and it's way better than other popular options... So, we need independent clients.

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