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How timeless this speech actually is?! As long as there is humans, this speech will remain true and important. Let's not despair. The misery is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress

This quote is from Valery Legasov in Chernobyl (2019 mini serie), somehow it reminds me on the debate around the human made Climate Change! Some just don't want to accept it, but when the Times comes, there will be no hiding

"To be a scientist is to be naive. We are so focused on our search for truth we fail to consider how few actually want us to find it. But it is always there whether we see it or not, whether we choose to or not. The truth doesn’t care about our needs or wants - it doesn’t care about our governments, our ideologies, our religions - to lie in wait for all time. This at last is the gift of Chernobyl. Where I once would fear the cost of truth, now I only ask what is the cost of lies."-Valery Legasov

It looks like the current 3GPP Release 16 of 5G might be a battery nightmare specially for phones and IOT devices!

I hope @heurekus can explain it to me soon in more details in our commute 😉

Gestern mit benny im C-RadaR über 5G geplaudert. Hat Spaß gemacht! Hier das Ergebnis:

The UK authorities made illegal copies of the Information System, incl photos & fingerprints of EU citizens and gave access to US companies ❌

Will the @EU_Commission present findings of a detailed & swift inquiry to @Europarl_EN? Questions from @RenewEurope LIBE⤵️

Heute war ich in einer Sauna, um mich abzukühlen! 🤣🤣🤣

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software?
let's start a change right now!


Den blöden kann man damit nicht helfen, den Blinden vielleicht 😅. Neuer Lieblingsbeutel von ...



Was haben die Ernennung des europäischen Präsidenten und das Papstkonklave gemeinsam?

What do the european presidentship nomination and the Papal conclave have in common?

😂 😜

did I understand this meme correctly and am I using it correctly ? 🤣🤣🤣


So...die Aufkleber sind endlich fertig...dann machen wir uns mal auf den Weg durch die Stadt und korrigieren ein paar Praxisschilder ;)



The evil is right here, with us:

"Turn on your Web & App Activity setting to search for "home" and other personal places" @google maps now requires me to share my whole web search history before it allows me to set "home" and "work"

Yay, my Firefox Certificate Pinning add-on has made it to beta status and is now available in the add-on store!

At last I no longer have to trust a gazillion certificate authorities to secure access to my servers at home :)

😍 TIL: ZFS snapshots over ssh

zfs send -R src@TOSNAP | ssh <target> zfs recv -F <dst>

I'm more the Ctrl+R reverse-i-search guy! But that why should I type ls -al 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wann werden wir diese Person los?
antidemokratisches Gedankengut...
erklärt, wie man mit Gesetzen Widerspruch umgeht: "Man muss Gesetze kompliziert machen, um Widersprüche zu vermeiden"

Wow, Mozilla's Javascript Web Docs developer/API documentation is a publicly editable Wiki. Found a mistake in the documentation and could correct it straight away.

Politics TED-talk on capitalism and democracy 

I'm not a Jon Blow fan, that being said: I really believe this talk he gave at DevGAMM 2019 sums up a lot of things going wrong in our society (Economy, Technology, Politics and more).

"Preventing the Collapse of Civilization (English only)"

We add abstraction to reduce the workload, but we forget about the complexity come with and the knowhow that get lost on the way

Walking down memory lane I noticed that I created my first website in 1996, two years after my first encounter with the Internet!

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