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mathew ✅

Looking at Hubzilla and considering whether to spin up an instance and try using it for real. It has made massive strides in usability and UI since I last looked at it.

Today I got interviewed by local TV about a shooting that happened outside my house last night.


FIFO would be a fun name for a computer scientist's dog.

Rarely is the gap between what I planned to spend time doing and what I actually spent time doing as wide as it is today.

The 12" remix of "Pinball Cha Cha" is nutso in a glorious way.

Linux just decided that I don't have any built-in sound hardware any more. And the IM software seems to switch the sampling rate to 48kHz, including for the music player that's already dumping data to the sound card at 44.1kHz, so everything suddenly gets played at the wrong speed.

Linux sound: still a dumpster fire in 2018.

Someone needs to start a Rust advocates and users group called Spinning Rust.

Haskell's type system eliminates a large number of errors by eliminating all the programmers who can't understand the mathematics of category theory.

Explaining to a software developer that counting entries matching LDAP filters to decide which to use isn't going to work well, because our LDAP directory has over 386,000 people in it.

Parrots are red,
parrots are blue,
people suck,
get a parrot or two

Parakeet has chewed up some printout and printed two test pages. I might need to find a cover for the laser printer, or at least the touchscreen.

Linux font rendering. 🎶 One of these things is not like the others... 🎵

Holy shit, KDE notices I have cmus running in a terminal and puts a handy control menu right on the icon bar. How does it do that? And more importantly, why do we even have GNOME?

Oh, that's why it looked like rsync was hanging — three node_modules directories from crap build scripts.

So I go back to KDE for the first time in a couple of years, because at least their font viewer works. This is the default user icon I'm greeted with. Welcome to clown computing.

And GNOME Font Viewer on Fedora 27 won't show fonts any more. Even after I removed all my personal fonts. No error messages, it just leaves most of the previews blank.

Year of Linux on the Desktop my ass.

If parrots can keep their nads inside their bodies, I don't see why us mammals should have to suffer the aesthetic nightmare of external dangly bits.

The annual ethics certification seems weird after a year of Trump news, and even weirder after reading a book about Scientology.