Forget Google Talk, Hangouts, Google Voice, Google+ Chat, Google Wave, Gmail chat, Google Messenger, Google Spaces, and Google Allo. No, the hot new Google chat app is (checks notes) RCS! We totally won't give up on _that_ one when nobody uses it.

I love that ExpressJS describes itself as being minimalist, but also mentions supporting more than 14 different templating engines.

My main question so far: How did Assassin's Creed: Origins get released with such terrible camel and horse animations? Watching the hooves slide across the ground because their movement doesn't correspond to the animal's speed, it feels a bit slapdash for a big budget AAA game.

Playing Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The protagonist is called Bayek, apparently he’s from Yorkshire?

My next video game to play is Assassin's Creed: Origins. This'll be the first AC game I've played since the first one where I've not actually been to the place where the game is set. I also know very little about ancient Egypt, so an hour in I'm kinda lost as to who wants to kill who because of what.

Today's random hackery: Wrote a Ruby script to call Google's machine learning OCR service for any number of JPG and PNG files, and then script the Finder to set the comment for each file to the text Google found in that file.

Result: Easier finding of cartoons and memes filed away from the Internet.

I went outside once. It was full of people. I don't recommend it.

I must have missed an opt-out and ended up on a nature lovers junk mail list because I'm getting mail from a pig sanctuary in Arizona.

(I feel like I already do something for pigs by not eating them.)

Today is National Pee In The Pool Day, so why not chug some Gatorade and head for the YMCA?

Have been unsubscribing from all the mailing lists I got onto by donating to over 30 political campaigns. In the box where it asks why I'm unsubscribing, I've been putting "self care".

“Our new campaign is called Pathways Out Of Poverty Can Help Urban Teens Excel. The acronym isn’t ideal though.”

My new favorite euphemism for Dropping The Kids Off At The Pool is Deploying Some Logs.

That last deployment was definitely enterprise grade.

The problem is, deep down underneath it all, I'm an optimist.

At book club, we were talking about the evil witch queen in the Narnia books, and whether that trope had occurred previously. I thought I remembered some Russian fairy tales with a winter witch queen, so I did a web search for "russian fairy tales evil witch queen" via DuckDuckGo.

The fifth search result was an article about Hillary Clinton from the ironically named "American Thinker" right wing web site. In retrospect I should have seen that coming.

Fibonacci indentation. 1 then 1 then 2 then 3 then 5 then 8 then 13...

I'm interested in what good, simple, binary capable, low overhead serialization formats people are using. There seem to be a lot of bad serialization formats out there. (Low overhead and binary capable are hard requirements.)

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