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mathew ✅

"I'm on a project doing Ticket Input Triage To Improve Enterprise Satisfaction. So far the biggest barrier has been the project acronym."

Current status: Rewriting it to do it the way I should have done it the first time.

Belatedly got Battles "Mirrored" in lossless audio. I kinda feel sorry for people who can't hear how much better lossless is compared to 320kbps MP3 or 256kbps MP4. (Yes, I've double-blind tested myself as well.)

Remember in 1996 when everyone was buying Beanie Babies and reselling them a few months later for a ton of money?

Bitcoin is like that, only without the Beanie Babies.

Working definition: You're a grownup if you can decide to have ice cream for dinner.

The developmestuction server is the most important machine in many businesses. That's why it's kept under the boss's desk.

Whose bright idea was it for OpenSSH to add another known_hosts entry for every RFC 3041 IP address of a Zeroconf address?

Read the ActivityPub spec last night. Major disappointment. As far as I can see it fails to address the things we already know are major problems, like spam, exploitation for propaganda, surveillance, and lack of end-to-end encryption.

As far as I can tell, there's no Olson time zone equivalent of YW2, because de Noronha and South Georgia Island no longer use daylight saving time. So what do I do with the data I have which has that time zone?

Your starter for 10: What's the correct Olson time zone for the Line Islands?

Building code to convert weird time zone abbreviations to Olson standard time zones, and it's like some sort of demented geography pop quiz.

"Glide.js is a dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel. It’s lightweight, flexible and fast. … Only ~22kB"

4K video looks amazing, but at a quarter gig per minute I don't think I'm going to be shooting too much of it for the moment.

I’ve been working on GDPR compliance, and I can’t wait to see how Facebook and Google try to stay in business next month.

Well, if Apple's planning on moving the desktop to ARM, maybe it's time to learn ARM assembler…

In the Microsoft world, you can't delete an open file in Windows 10 because MS-DOS 1.0 was like that to be compatible with CP/M.

In the Apple world, the example code from six months ago is broken and won't compile because the syntax of the language has changed since then.

In the Linux world we have a hybrid approach: Lennart Poettering breaks things, and everyone else tries to keep them working.

I’m at a home and garden show. Kohler have a wireless connected toilet that can change color to tell you what day it is. What a world.

It's called a ball-peen hammer because you can use it on your balls or your peen.

I turned on NPR on the car radio the other day and they were talking about golden showers. I admit it, I'm nostalgic for when that wasn't a thing.