Ugh, I could have sworn I had a nice clear example of custom constraint validation around here somewhere...

I thought I had a bug because the timestamps were an hour off. After messing with the database for a while I suddenly realized they're *correct* because they're an hour different -- the production server is one hour east, in a different time zone.

Any JavaScript front-end frameworks I should look at to make life easier?


- No virtual or shadow DOM.
- No mixing JS, HTML, CSS together.
- ES6 modules.

MIT Media Lab's moral vacuum over taking money from Epstein harkens back to when they failed to help Aaron Swartz for fear of alienating corporate donors.

Recently wrote about Apple Card and Brexit on my web site. (Separate articles.)

A lot of people have missed the point with the Apple credit card. Whatever you might think of the company, it's a product nobody else has tried yet: a credit card that tries to maximize user privacy.

The feeling of terror and desire to procrastinate when faced with running a large chunk of new code.

The feeling of relief when you knock out a few bugs and it basically works.

Me: I shall get expensive corn-free soy-free organic parrot food for the parakeets.

Parakeets: Ooh, dried poop under the perch. *nom nom*

(Sees name on screen)

"Hedgecock... Oh yeah, that's also one of the rejected Pokemon."


"It's basically a hedgehog..."

"What is wrong with your brain?"

I have returned home from a vacation in the deserts of west Texas. I can report that it looks just like Red Dead Redemption. Saw some tumbleweed, roadrunners, lots of cactus and vultures.

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