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Mathias Renner

New blog Post: The most interesting today is @Qwant. It offers the best mix of good search results, high and usability without further IT knowledge:

I am desperately looking for a reliable messenger that leverages federation, is open source and offers good E2E encr. Tried XMPP/OMEMO/Conversations and @matrix /#riot. Both failed (lost messages, devices out of sync etc.)

Thoughts? What are your experiences?

Nach dem Kauf durch #Microsoft lieber von #Github zu #Gitlab umziehen?
Mich würden diese zwei Gründe abhalten …

This 6 Minutes long set of questions from Guy Verhofstadt about for are excellent!
Guy understood the complexity and long-term impacts on society by we lost control of.

A transparent platform for donations that uses its own platform to fund itself! ->

Many projects already listed: @fsfe @Mastodon @fdroidorg

Looking forward to test it myself!

Very disappointed about as chat app in Linux. It's not reliable with on mobile. Any recommendation?

Just learned about AppImage ( – Seems like for desktop . Nice, but not many apps are easy to update according to

"BlueBorne" – Critical Bluetooth vulnerability disclosed:

Linux Kernel Patch:

For anyone who does not need bluetooth and has SystemD, just run
"sudo systemctl disable bluetooth.service"