We must become faster by a factor of 5 (!) than in recent years in order to achieve the CO2 reduction necessary for the 2° degree target.

If we are too slow, changes occur in our ecosystem that threaten the existence of our habitat and are irreversible. Full stop.

There is no party in the German Bundestag today that takes sufficient account of climate protection.

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Cf. Prof. Quaschning und Prof. Göpel (in german):

Wir müssen um dem Faktor 5 (!) schneller werden als in den letzten Jahren, um die für das 2° Grad Ziel nötige -Reduktion noch zu schaffen.

Sind wir zu langsam, geschehen in unserem Ökosystem Veränderungen, die unseren Lebensraum existenziell bedrohen und irreversibel sind. Punkt.

Es gibt heute keine Partei im Deutschen Bundestag, die den ausreichend berücksichtigt.

-for-future -for-future

Nach Prof. Quaschning und Prof. Göpel: youtube.com/watch?v=OAoPkVfeTo

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”The biomass of wild mammals has fallen by 82%, natural ecosystems have lost about half their area and a million species are at risk of extinction – all largely as a result of human actions.” #ClimateBreakdown #EcologicalBreakdown theguardian.com/environment/20

"Die iX kam zu dem Fazit, dass ein sicherer, datenschutzkonformer Betrieb von Office 365 nach europäischem Recht und gemäß DSGVO nicht möglich sei. Auch eine vom niederländischen Justizministerium in Auftrag gegebene Untersuchung endete mit der Aussage, dass Microsoft mit seiner Enterprise-Version Office 2016 Pro Plus massenhaft gegen die europäische Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) verstößt."

Kann da ENDLICH mal durchgegriffen werden?


Wer Maßnahmen gegen den Klimawandel behindert, ist kein politischer Gegner, sondern ein Feind, der unsere Existenz bedroht. Mit solchen Leuten diskutiere ich nicht mehr.

@Mastodon @kuketzblog Yes, I meant Art. 2 - section 4. Thanks for adding the citation into this discussion @datenteiler

Bad news: the has been adopted. BUT fortunately we achieved an exclusion for code hosting and sharing providers.

Next step: Let's get the upload filters as transparent and independent as possible!


The new copyright directive excludes platforms from requiring completely! This includes e. g. @Mastodon, or . So the directive supports !
Beside the general problem of censorship, I like this fact a lot.

Had a tough day with , a version of . Couldn't make it work :-( Instead, it caused issues with Shelter app and others. Anyone an idea how to emulate Android in a virtual machine?

There are problems with v15 and higher, in Android app.
I won't upgrade until this is fixed: github.com/nextcloud/android/i

Added to the "Up and running within Minutes" Project: github.com/bitleaf/simple-trae

It's a great tool for teams or just friends to communicate with, with all features of .
Like it more than so far!

Sei dabei und diskutiere mit im Kuketz-Forum - IT-Sicherheit & Datenschutz: forum.kuketz-blog.de/

This is the most interesting car I've ever seen:
from -Motors has -cells on top AND is -source. Thus it's recharging while driving and the CAD technical drawings will be open source.


-mobility -car

@brian I started a discussion about your search engine findx in a German IT forum operated by @kuketzblog that is full of privacy- and security-aware users. They liked not finding tracking tech on findx, and are looking foward to get better results.
One Q: It seems all your servers (.com, .de, .dk) are in France, which got unpopular due to anti-privacy politics. Any plans to improve this?

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