Are you part of a group of strangers thrown together by the internet and desperately trying to figure out how to build trust and work effectively together on a project of huge strategic importance? You might want to listen to this talk from Richard Sennett... :)

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Masto #introduction time πŸ’ƒπŸ»
I’m B Cordelia Yu, I’m Taiwanese-American transfemme enby, and a content & editorial strategist mostly working around issues of science/environmental/social justice, civictech, and academic coms.
My research is on deliberative democracy and political cognition. I seem to be giving a lot of talks about inclusion in tech and participatory organizing for social justice.

In a world where #authoritarian relations are the norm (online and off), learning how to relate to each other in liberated, #selfgoverned spaces is hard. We internalize so much behavior that's adaptive for our survival under authoritarianism, but turns incredibly #toxic when enacted in free spaces.

There's much learning & unlearning to do, and the struggles of earlier radical projects & spaces have much to teach #Mastodon.

Happy #MayDay! I'm celebrating by going to a meeting of the #Vermont #Solidarity #Investing Club tonight to learn about a local #WorkerCoop.

Members invest $20-100/month into the club, and then democratically decide where to #invest the funds to best support the growth of the #coop economy.

If anyone's interested in getting a similar #coops #InvestmentClub going, check this article:

Seeing all the end-of-month #Patreon chatter, I'm wondering how close we are to a #UserOwned alternative?

The model is absolutely a key piece of the future of support for creative endeavors, but with $47.1MM in #Unicorn-hopeful VC to pay off, it's rate of #extraction can be expected to ramp up in coming years. I know #Gratipay seems like it has some of the pieces (but is still a ways off); anyone aware of other promising #platformcoop versions?

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#Loomio (the #coop group decision-making platform) just added a bunch of new voting tools, including a scheduling function (buh-bye, #Doodle!).

Testing it out now to schedule our first #SocialCoop #TootUp for this week... 🐘 πŸ’¨ ⬆

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#BernieSanders just called for the creation of a #Vermont #StateBank tonight at a rally at the #Barre Old #Labor Hall.

I'd personally prefer that the state would be allowed to place deposits in #CreditUnions and become one #coop owner among many for #AntiMonopoly reasons, but none-the-less a bold (left) #populist move...


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Hey #Mastodon, check the new #BuyTwitter campaign website! If you've not already, please sign the petition encouraging the passage of the "study turning #Twitter into a #PlatformCoop" shareholder resolution.

I doubt the resolution will pass, BUT I think the campaign is raising significant awareness of how problematic the current #socialmedia ownership status quo is, & I'll encourage supporters to join the #SocialCoop #instance after the 5/22 vote.

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Somewhere in all this is an implicit critique of the fact that all our shared cultural memories was produced for the express purpose of financial gain by ruthless capitalist enterprises

just waiting to be explicated

@mattcropp Yeah, I would like to see the fediverse a bit more integreated. But it does certainly incentivize more community-based, high-bar-to-entry (if $1/month is high) nodes, as opposed to the big free-for-all ones.

Hello! I've never worked with coops before, nor been involved in one. I'm a long time open source user/developer, and I helped co-found a hackerspace once. With #Mastodon I got thinking about coops, so I'm interested in something like this.


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