Replace all advertising with street art, murals and community noticeboards 2020. You can advertise your business only on the physical property you operate from, or specific exceptions for wayfinding signage. Everything else goes. Put up maps of local areas so it’s possible to find ones way around without online maps or any device.

the weirdest thing is that every rational part of my brain tells me to stay within IT and continue programming (to make bread) but there's some other force within me telling me that music is it... but i've got NO money. halp! 💚

Yo people of the underground decentralized network, what is the best blogging platform for us? Been checking out tumblr, medium and blogger but they all seem kind of... not my thing

Isn't it funny that the most joyful part of myspace was the customization? (which from a UX or design perspective wouldn't really be considered helpful)

How much space will be freed up once Britain leaves the EU? 

1 GB

The good thing about marketing tricks is that once you notice them you can make fun of the ineffectivenes of the trick

(for example people using fake female names as the sender for company related mails)

Actually, Eugen is the name of the doctor. The monster's name is Mastodon

if somebody thinks they know better what you want for yourself then tell that someone to shut up or tell you why

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