I'm part of 2018! looking forward to meeting some of you there :)

does anybody think it's good for Github to be acquired by Microsoft?

just wanted to let all of you know that so many talented artists are in the fediverse (see )

Anyone knows a website like alternativeto.net but for free software?

I’m really intrigued by creating free (as in libre) alternatives to software that I really like using but are proprietary. Like on a bi-weekly basis.

But not sure if its worth the time.

@turley haha yeah right now it’s not really early preview. But I’d tell them to click this link sounds-social-dev.surge.sh

Quick question.

Anyone out there making sweet in the sphere who identify as "self-taught", where/how did you start?

You are all so inspiring, and I wanted to start learning how to sketch, but it has been difficult finding teaching tools that click for me.


#mastoart #art

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I'm back into dream journaling. Memorized 2 dreams last night, off to a good start

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