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🌊 Matteo De Micheli @matteodem@mastodon.social

does anybody think it's good for Github to be acquired by Microsoft?

Please support us in making public / free code a requirement for states publiccode.eu/de/#action

uhhh nintendo labo just looks like so much fun!

just wanted to let all of you know that so many talented artists are in the fediverse (see )

Anyone knows a website like alternativeto.net but for free software?

Anyone else got the Librem 15? About to get it

I’m really intrigued by creating free (as in libre) alternatives to software that I really like using but are proprietary. Like on a bi-weekly basis.

But not sure if its worth the time.

"To be calm becomes a kind of revolutionary act."


"no connor stop vaporwave is dead"

@turley haha yeah right now it’s not really early preview. But I’d tell them to click this link sounds-social-dev.surge.sh

Quick question.

Anyone out there making sweet in the sphere who identify as "self-taught", where/how did you start?

You are all so inspiring, and I wanted to start learning how to sketch, but it has been difficult finding teaching tools that click for me.


in games says quite a lot about our societal values

#mastoart #art

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I'm back into dream journaling. Memorized 2 dreams last night, off to a good start

Software hot take, spying Show more

Awesome! What Unsplash.com has been doing for photos, is what Librivox.org is doing for books that are no longer under copyright. Volunteers read and record chapters to make them available for free on the Internet. Another field of democratization. YES! librivox.org