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👋 Hey, I’m Matt.

👅 I help run a software studio called @lickability, where we try to make good iOS apps for customers and clients.

🤓 I’m nerdy about , , , , , and .

🙌 I’m a white, bisexual, cis guy and I’m aware of the privileges those identities afford me. I’m looking for ways to distribute those advantages by holding up others.

If you get migraines, this is the best setting in all of iOS.

Come work at I’ll make you some tea sometimes. 🍵🌱

Come work at I’ll make you some tea sometimes. 🍵🌱

✅ Design a logo for a winning political campaign. is gonna do great things for Delaware County and all Pennsylvanians. Proud to have been a small part of his run.

🚨 Good Job Alert: Our client is hiring a Director of Development to oversee their macOS / iOS apps for printing photobooks, cards, and calendars. Remote, NYC, or Memphis. If you’re interested, shoot me a DM.

Recently switched to at for all of our shared team notes, todos, onboarding docs, client lists, etc. We’re big fans of it for its live, collaborative Markdown editing and lightweight databases. Give it a shot:

This talk I gave earlier this year is very relevant again with today’s Flickr news:

When you decide you don’t want to use Trello any more, do you make a Kan’tban board?

Have a ✨magical✨ Halloween today everybody! 🎩

“Writing a book is incredibly ‘fun’. It’s a special type of masochism.” — Alex Day from on his new book

Anyone really good at pumpkin carving and free tomorrow during the day?

If you love the new iPad Pro, you’ll love voting on November 6th.

iPad is not the most popular computer in the world. Our phones are computers.

Keynote speaker: “Engineering teams at Apple love a great challenge.”
Apple engineering teams: “……”

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