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👋 Hey, I’m Matt.

👅 I help run a software studio called @lickability, where we try to make good iOS apps for customers and clients.

🤓 I’m nerdy about , , , , , and .

🙌 I’m a white, bisexual, cis guy and I’m aware of the privileges those identities afford me. I’m looking for ways to distribute those advantages by holding up others.

This McLaren owner with the ALTCOIN plate clearly cares a lot about climate change.

starting today, the amount of facecoin you have in your likewallet is directly tied to your attractiveness quotient on zuck’s relaunched version of facemash

i don’t make the rules

Post WWDC inbox managed. Never @ me or let me go to a conference again.

That the Twitter app and Calm app are next to each other is not a coincidence btw.

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If you’re on the betas, try filing a bug. The new Feedback Assistant flow is super fast and nice, plus Apple is being more transparent about bug statuses and duplicates. 🐛

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Filed my first r̵a̵d̵a̵r̵ “Feedback” of beta season, and it’s a doozie.

Apple folks working on Messages, check out FB6137192.

If you’re running the betas, try filing a bug. The new flow in the assistant app is super pleasant and Apple is being more transparent about duplicates and related bugs. 💯

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Filed my first r̵a̵d̵a̵r̵, “Feedback” , of bets season, and it’s a doozy.

Apple folks, especially iMessage engineers, should take a look at FB6137192.

Wowwowwow. That was an amazing and .

Have a safe trip home! And if you’re ever in NYC, stop by and say hi. We’d love to see you.

We’ve all got a busy summer ahead of us.

🔖🤯🙌 🛠📲 🍹🛬

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The best bar in San Jose is actually the fancy startup phone booths in the Fairmont lobby.

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