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👋 Hey, I’m Matt.

👅 I help run a software studio called @lickability, where we try to make good iOS apps for customers and clients.

🤓 I’m nerdy about , , , , , and .

🙌 I’m a bisexual, trans, nonbinary person and my pronouns are they/them.

you’re telling me you don’t restart your Mac multiple times a week to check on how your restart process feels and how long it takes?

ah yes the long-awaited return of vacation mb. heading up to toronto to hang out with my wife for 10 days and chill, so i’ll be here less but as always, DM me if you need anything

If you’re anxious or despairing about the climate crisis, please spend 23 minutes watching this video about what’s in the bill that Biden signed today. It is worth your time.

sucks for Milton Bradley that I’m the only verified

who would have guessed it? that the struggle is, in fact, real.

If you’re here and you’re reading this, I’m glad you’re alive. I’m glad you’re a person. I know things are hard right now and always. But we need you. We need your humanity and your ideas and your truth. ❤️

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You got this. I believe in you. The world is waiting to see you as your full self. Keep yourself safe, but don’t be afraid of being yourself when and where you can be.

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This took me 30 years to learn, and yes it also is scary to be yourself on the internet, but if you need help or encouragement or support or someone to report weirdos, my DMs are always open.

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You are a complete human person and you’re allowed to act like one online.

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You’re allowed to make jokes, and do bits, and fuck up, and delete stuff.

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You’re allowed to present a more accurate version of your gender.

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You’re allowed to be and do and talk about more than one thing.

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I understand why made its reporting flow more detailed and longer, but it really makes reporting of TERF pile-ons much slower and harder.

Tonight I told a man named Bob to go on the Chicago architecture cruise and this tweet is for him only to prove that to his friends.

if you saw me change my twitter display name multiple times per week on spoonbill, no you didn’t

every terf that blocks me makes me precisely 42 times more powerful

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