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👋 Hey, I’m Matt.

👅 I help run a software studio called @lickability, where we try to make good iOS apps for customers and clients.

🤓 I’m nerdy about , , , , , and .

🙌 I’m a white, bisexual, cis guy and I’m aware of the privileges those identities afford me. I’m looking for ways to distribute those advantages by holding up others.

❓Doing an AMA on Instagram while I wait for my delayed flight to take off. Come hang out and ask questions:

Have any of you put “Emoji” as a skill on your résumé yet?

Huge thanks to,,,, and for their feedback on early drafts. They were a dream team of early readers for this piece. 🙏

Update on my theme so far: published three blog posts, shook a bunch of cocktails for friends, wrote more tweets, brewed coffee in my Chemex more at home instead of going out, made lots of plans with people I rarely see or haven’t met.

If you’ve worked on a team making software, you’ve almost certainly heard the thought-terminating cliché, “That’s impossible” hastily uttered by a programmer. But why do we jump to that?

That’s the topic of my new post:

I feel a certain ineffable kinship with other B&W avatar people.

When you can tell who has a crush on whom just from their twitter interactions, that’s called reading the TLeaves. 🍵🍁

For a piece I’m working on: What are some examples of software that engineers thought was impossible to implement before someone did it?

Citations and RTs would be super helpful. 🙏

Looking for a NYC-based freelance web designer who is strong in typography for a personal project (paid). Email me your portfolio if that’s you!

Blogged about the tools I use to stay on top of pull requests. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your code review queue, check these out:

Somehow ended up more dressed up, but simultaneously more disheveled later in the night.

I guess it’s not just me that’s thinking about the parts of email culture that still suck, because today wrote about quitting email altogether.

Someone sent me some cocktail coupes from my wishlist for my birthday and I’m still not sure who it was. If they were from you, thanks! 🍸

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