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👋 Hey, I’m Matt.

👅 I help run a software studio called @lickability, where we try to make good iOS apps for customers and clients.

🤓 I’m nerdy about , , , , , and .

🙌 I’m a bisexual, trans, nonbinary person and my pronouns are they/them.

Yes. I do have *bi wife energy*, but that’s mainly cause I have a bi wife. 💕💜💙

defunding is not enough
reducing emissions is not enough
regulation is not enough

🎶 Couple musical theatre performances to round out your weekend. This is “Run Away With Me” from The Mad Ones

I’ve Always Suspected This Image Was Based on My Life. Now I Know It Was.

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Maybe the real Cat Person was the bad sex we had along the way.

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Today’s a great day to learn about and donate to organizations fighting for it. This episode from is a great 101.

I've updated the design and the copy of the apps page a bit to include some information about the app. What do you think?

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New Yorkers, here’s a helpful guide from on how to change your name and/or gender marker under the new Gender Recognition Act once it’s fully in effect. 🏳️‍⚧️

Tonight I correctly guessed a nonbinary person’s astrological sign, which is the queerest thing I’ve ever done

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