Apple’s regressive stance on sexual content being available on its largest platform is verging on a full on moral panic and it’s really gross. Entire businesses and communities have been crushed by it, and it often hurts queer and trans communities most.

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When we dealt with this at Tumblr, it became my full time jobs for weeks to find incredibly complex ways to appease Apple’s censors. This happened every time they found a sexy blog they didn’t like. It’s absurd.

And no, I’m not filing a radar about this. But if you’re a pal of mine and you work at Apple, I hope you’ll do everything in your power to change minds on this issue internally.

Sex is not a bad thing and adults should be able to access legal conversations and media about it.

Of course at the same time that Apple is pressuring companies to pull down sexual content they don’t like, they’re also directly profiting from subscription audio erotica apps like

It wouldn’t be a story about the App Store without capitalism and hypocrisy.

More great coverage of this issue from at including a quote from yours truly.

Will is right here. It trivial problem to solve technically, but Apple’s objections are moralistic and they are completely uninterested in technical solutions that protect freedom of expression for adults on iOS. They couch this in the idea of “safety”, but safety for whom?

“As long as the systems that currently underpin platforms remain in place, they’re going to cater to more powerful platforms and business interests first—and users long after. Companies like Apple hold all the cards. Everyone else plays by their rules.”

For just some of the reasons why this ends up harming queer communities, see eevee’s thread:

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Discord & Apple have changed their minds about blocking NSFW servers on iOS.

Is this ideal? No. But it’s parity with other apps on the App Store, & I’ll absolutely take the win.

Thank you for making yourself heard. Public pressure works.

@matthewbischoff I don't think 1.1.4 applies here, but instead 1.2:

"If your app includes user-generated content from a web-based service, it may display incidental mature “NSFW” content, provided that the content is hidden by default and only displayed when the user turns it on via your website."

@matthewbischoff Big Tech and those with absolute power have a big investment in telling people how to live and think.

They don't want a planet of people capable of critical thinking, they want a planet full of obedient, mindless zombies that are able to do the minimalist work, accept that work and to die off slowly by extremely murky working and living conditions (i.e. fast food, energy drinks, addictions, medicine).

@matthewbischoff I can see why they want to stay away from porn, though, since it blurs so many lines. If you allow porn, do you also allow racist porn, which is plentiful? Apple would definitely never want to allow racism, but where do they then draw the line? How do they define that? What other forms of porn are fine and which aren't?

It's very hard to allow porn and block other objectionable content in a consistent way.

@WAHa_06x36 good point, especially considering the backlash against porn that has even affected Pornhub. There has been a massive anti pornography push in recent years. If anything, Apple seems kind of late to the game.

@WAHa_06x36 @matthewbischoff

The solution to this is Apple Allowing you to install apps freely outside of the App Store

@matthewbischoff perhaps it’s because both Tumblr and Discord have been used to share child porn? And discord is trying to sell itself? And maybe they could have done the same thing reddit already did? Nah, let’s just blindly hate Apple. 🙄

@matthewbischoff Let's try to remember that no-one is forced to purchase the products of companies they wholeheartedly disapprove of.

Vote with your wallet and your feet.

@matthewbischoff Yikes! Guess we all have to use our PCs and Linuxes then when we're off work.

@matthewbischoff it's wild that Americans still use platforms that allow them to be restricted.

@matthewbischoff: The #Apple / #Discord #DiscordNSFW situation is especially frustrating as a disabled person. I am being told that the device I can hold, touch, talk to, have messages read to me, and zoom in is no longer appropriate to use to communicate with whomever I please, and I need to find a less accessible device because the morality police worry I might see or hear something naughty.

Where are all the inspiration porn star loving people when I need them?

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