I think I just hit a new record for time spent not realizing I had iTunes and a Bandcamp window playing simultaneously. A good forty minutes of thinking, “This ambient album is OK… maybe more dissonance than I’m into though?”

I just picked up ‘Dictionary Stories’ by Jez Burrows from the library, and as I was glancing through the table of contents I discovered an allusion to ‘An Animated Description of Mr. Maps,’ a (very good) song by The Books!

How are the New Pornographers so good? Seven albums and every song on every one is at least really good.

The atmosphere here on Mastodon plus the number of people I’m following makes it seems as though my bots are posting too much. Each of my bots posting six or eight times in 24 hours ends up taking up a majority of my timeline. Should I have them post less often here?

Alexa, please show me the most man answer to a Goodreads community question.

I have 2,508 items in my Instapaper. And that’s just in the main folder. *sigh*

Congratulations to me for adding my second bot to Mastodon! The SoundCloud Comments bot at botsin.space/@soundcloudsaid grabs SoundCloud comments at random. It’s a good one!

Proud to welcome my first-ever bot to Mastodon. It was originally launched in November 2015 on birdsite. botsin.space/@obliquestions

I ported my Oblique Questions bot to Mastodon but… why can’t I see my bot’s posts?

On this train ride I’m going to try to port my bots to Mastodon.

I am traveling to Seattle on a train today and I’m really excited about my trip and riding on a train! I haven’t traveled by train in years and years.

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