I really like this Library Extension that shows whether my local library has a book when I look at a book on Amazon or Goodreads. libraryextension.com/

I bought an eogrnmomic keboayd and I'm having a rea ly hard time adjkusting to i

The new mix by Powder is a total gem from start to finish, and the video for the lead single ‘New Tribe’ that tells the story of the musician and DJ quitting her day job is also completely amazing. beatsinspace.bandcamp.com/albu

Are there any video games that are like Alto’s Odyssey but more focused on tricks instead of being primarily runners? I like Odyssey a lot, but it’s made me realize how much I loved playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and any other game where the central conceit is Doing a Bunch of Cool-looking Acrobatic Tricks in a Row.

Is it good and sufficient, or is it insufficient and bad?

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I really like this photo I took in 2017 of an empty snail shell and a piece of moss resting on a leaf.

Lori Scacco’s ‘Cosmographia’ is a nice dream. RIYL the (homonymous) Laurie Spiegel. loriscacco.bandcamp.com/track/

Today I’m really enjoying ‘WinWin San’ by Sofia Kourtesis from the Studio Barnhus compilation. studiobarnhus.bandcamp.com/tra

Portlanders call the police on average every 4 minutes when no crime has been committed to report poor people.

stop :acab: calling :acab: the :acab: police


Four Tet’s ‘Sun Drums and Soil’ is an amazing song. This is what a perfect sunny day sounds like. youtube.com/watch?v=0ZXcn-RgbF

I really want to get rid of my computer and just read books and listen to music in front of a window filled with bird feeders.

Been listening to a lot of Jacques Greene lately, and ‘Quicksand’ is one of my favorites right now: youtube.com/watch?v=pBcUd8-21Y

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