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Matthias Ott

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Eleventy v0.2.2 is out!

It’s a big one—we now have support for content tagging, collections, and collection sorting!

Warning ⚠️ we’ve moved to an NPM scope so the package name changed. Use `@11ty/eleventy` now—`eleventy-cli` is now deprecated.

🎉 I’m starting something new in 2018!, a monthly newsletter all about prototyping for the Web.

Sign up now for the January issue! 👉

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★ Gathered a big collection of my blog posts and projects related to Web Fonts and Font Loading:

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Can't believe adding an MP4 just worked...

So I guess we will need to bring Follow Friday back to life again.

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Wondering how indieweb compatible this is

Oh my……… so a tweet on mastodon is called……

a trump?? 😳

So if a bird tweets – what does a mastodon do?

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