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★ Gathered a big collection of my blog posts and projects related to Web Fonts and Font Loading:

@bastianallgeier Yes, this is really essential to keeping people engaged. Adding a little notification icon (and likes) to the mentions tab will do for now.

@Michiel Benjamin Button just switched to Yahoo! ;)

@bastianallgeier And if it's only to comply with conditioned behavior… 😜

@bastianallgeier Hahaha, that's exactly what I'm (repeatedly but unsuccessfully) doing right now…

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Can't believe adding an MP4 just worked...

So I guess we will need to bring Follow Friday back to life again.

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Wondering how indieweb compatible this is

Oh my……… so a tweet on mastodon is called……

a trump?? 😳

So if a bird tweets – what does a mastodon do?

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excited to be part of the new app dot net

@vasilis @bastianallgeier Looks a lot like Tweetdeck (Dark Theme) for now…