Made the first public release of my GTK Standard Notes client, Iridium ( The code is a mess because it's simultaneously my playground for learning Rust.

@tbernard seeing your metronome mockups and always thinking about implementing a replacement for Gtick myself … you should really consider odd meters as well to make such an app useful for a wider range of musicians. I really like the UX of the Soundbrenner Android app when it comes to configuring the meter.

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This is a preview of my refactoring of UI after 2 weeks of half-time work (half-time = 12 hours/day).

GTK is making me crazy, but I think it looks better and, foremost, more consistent.

Also, I have removed some UI events that created lags.

Also, Pascal has introduced support for themes, and I'm almost done wiring widget to CSS nodes, so most of the UI will be theme-able very soon (colors and sizes). Hello grey theme !

Still work to do though…

Next level Git bisect with `stash` and `add` 😂

Git rebasin' like there's no tomorrow. Feeling like a surgeon.

Knowing there are Python f-strings but you are tied to Python 3.5 … 😐

Google Test is the VHS of unit testing frameworks 🙄

When all you were looking for was a C++ method to split a string and you only found a huge ass Reddit thread listing good reasons you shouldn't use C++ in the first place …

C++ 17 is actually nice, I am impressed.

Programming with MSVC in over ten years – Linux has spoiled me … 😩

@Gargron is it possible to avoid loading the post when middle-clicking a URL inside that post?

Wonder how to discover people of interest? I know they are out there …


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