I (@Elizafox) am taking over computerfairi.es. squirrel doesn't want to run it anymore.

There is some broken stuff in the db. I'm trying to fix it.

I will be migrating everything to a new host today.

Computer Fairies will not be renewed at the next linode billing cycle and will be shut down by then, please back up your follower lists by the next couple of days.

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Hi cybre people! I guess I'm here now! I'm sad to leave computer fairies (maybe it's not permanent? but maybe it is?) but well for now I'll just import my follows and stuff. Meow.

Computer Fairies has not been upgraded successfully and it seems that local toots are not federating anywhere.

Please find another instance, if you can read this.

Also, last time I tried, importing follows did not really actually work! So I'll probably be missing some people! Please let me know if you notice!

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Ok, I made a new secondary account at cybre.space (since neither mastodon.social nor the other place that I'm at are really where I want to be when computerfairi.es is having troubles): @maunzikation

I think I'll just import my follows, sorry if that is annoying :O You don't have to follow, just know that I might be there when I'm not here (it's also linked in all my other bios now)

*feels like one of those people who prepare for disaster as a hobby, but in cute*

[ ⌒ ▽⌒ ] Registrations for cybre.space will open in one hour!

Hmm, I thought I'd hang out here until the instance that I'm mostly using is up again, but mastodon.social seems a bit wonky itself. And the other one that I'm at changed its layout and I don't really like its local timeline. I guess I should have gotten that cybre.space account… welp. Hi. I'm here now.

PSA: I'm mostly tooting at @maunzikation@computerfairi.es at the moment, go follow me there if you want 🐩 💖

I'm feeling a bit guilty for importing the people I follow on 2 instances at once. sorry for spamming. If this is too much, just ignore it and I'll toot any updates on which accounts I'm actually using here.

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im-in.space has "Solar System's timeline" and "Galactic timeline", I like that.

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Okay, both @maunzikation@computerfairi.es and @maunzikation@im-in.space now exist and are me, but I haven't decided how to use them yet.

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And in the end, Names ARE more inmportant to me right now than policies, I'm a superficial cat and I could be IN SPACE

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Probably I should simply make an account there and at cyberfairi.es, I'm spending way too much time contemplating instance choices

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I don't think the rules about hate speech are sufficiently precise, but I REALLY want to move to im-in.space because, well it's im-in.space and that is wonderful.

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