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so far i seem to be interpreting most theory as a language being used to describe not how to do things, but how not to do things.

make it so that you can explain why things do not sound correct, rather than why they do. this sort of negative space makes more sense to me in a general sort of way.

have been staring at music theory trying to make composition make sense to my poor programmer brain.

i still don't get standard music notation and find it unhelpful to try to read it that way...

I overthink literally everything, heh

wasn't feeling well last night so I went to bed early

apparently needed it, since i slept ten hours


FM Fridays doesn't update as often as it used to but there's a lot of great old classic PC98/PC88/DOS music up there to listen to. such a good sound

unrelated to working on stuff, some of that old DOS shareware had some real great tunes even if the games themselves were kind of so-so

feel like i'm leaning towards that old dos shareware FM sound / megadrive FM sound

not sure why, most people have told me its visuals look more SNES-like in general

Listening to a whole lot of retro music trying to get inspired to work on the stuff for puzzle game.

I realized that I actually don't even know what kind of tone I'm trying to emulate to begin with so I might as well find it first

there's a lot to like about here even if I'm not sure how I want to fit it in my life these days.

would like to start thinking seriously about resettling on mastodon. I'm not much of a social media person but some friends of mine are jumping ship from birdsite and I'd like to spend more time here as it is.

i finished the code on game project thing a few days ago and i've just been in this state of complete mental exhaustion since.

i mean, i probably need the rest, but there's still more stuff to do...

eating lunch, mentally exhausted.

hello masto

i'm much more excited about my progress with pixel art than the fact that i can code

or that i want to work on writing, or make attempts at music

tech is just so frustrating these days.

I wanna be less into tech and more into art and creative works. I'm not that good at it, but I feel a lot more comfortable with creative circles these days.

(within bounds; not so into cavalier NSFWness)

probably I need to look around some more.

I do have one over on icosahedron that I should use, it's a pretty nice little server...

kind of feeling a little overwhelmed by the world and just not really all that social as of late.

nooot that social media is very good at being social anyway. Never has been. mastodon's better than bird website for a bunch of reasons but I really should find a smaller, less generalized instance to hang on.

out of energy tonight so just taking a rest night.

I have finished all necessary bits of code for the game project. everything left is assets: art, sound, stages, writing.

so I think I deserve it. it's a very strange feeling.

I still need to do a lot of assets, including a lot of things I don't actually know how to do yet.

I should probably just draw like a dozen or so things like them until I'm satisfied...

game code todo list is down to about three items, two of which are partially completed.

actually kind of surprised how far it's come?

Honestly wish I didn't have to maintain a social media presence over there. I feel like I'd be more active here if I didn't...