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most tiles don't really look right in a vacuum, they need to exist as part of a larger scene. so even if I think that looks okay (at the proper scale; it doesn't quite look right blown up so much here!) it doesn't really 'fit' with other stuff.

testing lossless re-encoding, which I should honestly remember to do if I ever post random gifs here

maybe i should recolor it green or red or something and say it's jello.

relatedly: why does mastodon screw up gif timings like twitter used to? all frames are of the same length but not when played back in that loop.

drew an animated water tile, but I feel like it's not the look I'm going for so I'm just going to shelve it for another time.

For one it gives more of an ocean/sea kind of feel, at least in my mind, and I want something that's more of a still lake or river.

current status: staring at code editors, trying to remember how to code this particular thing

current most relatable mythological character: sisyphus

Usually the first thing i notice when I drop caffeine out of my system is that my eyes get the brunt of it. Very sore and tired, have to spend a lot of time just having my eyes closed and stuck in my own head for a bit.

Good headphones help a lot here.

Coming out of day two of caffeine deprivation here.

Had been falling over around 7~8 pm every day for the past couple weeks so decided it was probably time to get it out of my system and start fresh.

I have to do this once or twice a year, generally speaking, and the second day is always the worst. End up with an awful headache and generally still incredibly tired. I took some precautions so it wasn't as bad as its been before, but, still, oof.

About two weeks left on current JP kanji deck. That'll put me at about +1.3 kanji/day since I started adding new decks in.

That's a very acceptable pace I think, even though it puts the total at around 18 months to finish up everything I have queued. Not in a hurry here.

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@mauve i have a lot of frustrations about communicating gamedev things online too

most forums, irc, etc. contain programmer types that muscle their way into technical discussion because they have coded something that is not a game and expect complete knowledge transfer

the spots that are welcoming tend to fill up newbies asking the same questions every day, so all the energy goes to supporting them

when it's exclusively professionals, it's usually a business-focused discussion

I told myself I'd be more open about dev stuff and theory when I had the chance (which has not been this past year).

Bird website's _awful_ for that because every tweet must stand on its own. Like, you have to expect that everything you say can and _will_ be taken out of context, so nuance gets lots. It sucks.

I got more involved in artist circles and found them to be much friendlier and open about their in-progress work, or the theory and logic behind what they do. I haven't really had much to contribute to them though.

Either way I followed a lot of gamedev types for awhile over there and just found it exhausting/frustrating rather than interesting and provocative.

Something that's always kind of bugged me about gamedev stuff on bird website is like...

Any dev above a certain notoriety doesn't really talk about their development anymore. It's more of the hot takes variety, or little bite size clips to show off to try to grab attention.

Nobody talks about the nuts and bolts of development because it's over the heads of most people; or worse attracts the sort of player who's looking to pick a fight because they don't understand how design works.

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idkaf = reveals the 0th weapon slot
iddpopsips = allows the walls to walk through you
idsight = see the cowering masses of thousands of hiding invisible, silent monsters that populate every level
idinflu = makes the doomguy aware he is being controlled

absolutely want to draw more this year, but have yet to make a habit of it yet.

honestly kind of anxious about doing it so I put it off way more than I should and then I get anxious about _that_ and hello anxiety life is fun times.

anyway late night babblings don't mind me

I do kind of wonder who's still interested in following someone like me though. I've been kind of spotty online for the past couple years. Probably feels like it's been froever on projecty things.

I know I had some follows early in the Mastodon days because I talked philosophy and design about communities, which is ... well, not really a hot topic here anymore, ahaha. Still interesting stuff to me though.

I was talking with a Japanese friend tonight and he told me that even though I am prone to worrying about, uh, just about everything, that a lot of people have faith in me and hold on my eyes are watery

My JP's gotten a lot better, but I still feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a limited vocabulary I can actually use...

Still working on gamedev stuff but not talking much here..

Lost a few days to family, but that's fine.

The puzzle game which I've been posting screenshots of is basically code-complete outside of UI bits.

I'm going back to the other game dev starting tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it, which I'll probably babble about.

I should talk on bird website more for exposure but blah. Have not been feeling it.