0.9.0 release of the Excel spreadsheet parsing library for Swift is out! This version improves compatibility with more types of spreadsheet files and adds Linux support 🐧🎉

Many thanks to the open-source community for bug reports and contributions!


New version of XMLCoder is out, now supporting Linux with Swift 5.0.1 or later! Also, you can now decode enums with associated values (see screenshot). Thanks for the hard work to @drewag, James Bean and Ben Wetherfield 👏 github.com/MaxDesiatov/XMLCode

Another “I’m a bit frustrated, but turns out it could be much worse” toot. 🙈

Extensions changed a lot in Safari recently, more secure but less powerful, which made me switch to Firefox. And then I discover how many extensions steal critical data 😵


Sometimes I feel a bit of frustration with the package management situation in : CocoaPods, Carthage, SwiftPM and Xcode integration, no binary packages etc. Then I spend a bit of time with the Python ecosystem and realize that Swift is doing pretty well after all 😄🐍🦅

A new release of the Excel spreadsheet parsing library for Swift is out! Very happy to see more and more people contributing with each release, thank you all 👏


A nice list of alternatives to various google services restoreprivacy.com/google-alte
Found some new stuff for myself there

Bizarre 🤯

"A leading presidential candidate of the region [...] has said congestion is a part of the “identity of our city,” and that it shows “that the street is always alive.” Madrid’s nightlife “goes hand in hand with traffic jams”


Looking forward to the new episode of the Swift Community Podcast about SwiftUI! github.com/SwiftCommunityPodca

Super delighted to learn about the new layout system. No more conflicting or ambiguous constraints 🎉 This may be a bit less powerful than auto layout, but I already feel it will be order of magnitude easier to use, debug and understand.


We can credit Property Wrappers and Function Builders in Swift 5.1 for making SwiftUI easy to use, but there’s an under-appreciated feature that was absolutely required: ABI stability. Without it none of Apple’s frameworks can have a Swift-only public API. swift.org/blog/abi-stability-a

wait, wat 😲

I just recently discovered this `semantic` library, but I didn't know that it powers such great features


Prediction: of all new frameworks for announced at WWDC, SwiftUI will be open-sourced the last if ever. I don't think CryptoKit or Combine have majority of their code relying on proprietary components. This isn't true for SwiftUI. They'd need to open-source UIKit too

Working with SwiftSyntax on a lower level, I start discovering things I didn't know were possible or made sense at all. Case in point: top-level computed properties 🤯

(Not that I plan to use this in my code, but I always expected something like this would be a compiler error)

This post is very sobering, feedback on Xcode is the most important. Neither Xcode nor any of the new Swift-only frameworks are open source. I bet benefits from open-sourcing them would greatly outweigh the harm, if there is any harm at all.


Also, early adopters: brace yourself for the same problems in I've been battling for the last few months in tokamak.dev: all views are customized via keyword arguments, type checker is gonna 🤯 Especially arguments ordered in a wrong way or a plain typo 😈

has a dependency on an unreleased Swift 5.1 feature, check out this `@state` property attribute. This does look like the recently returned for revision Property Delegates proposal. Can safely bet it's gonna be accepted in some shape by fall 2019 github.com/apple/swift-evoluti

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