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TFW you double check that it's "Double Stuf" not "Double Stuffed" Oreos.

you ever see a brand new album cover that's painstakingly done up to look like a piece of shit folk rock self-release from the 1960s and think "oh fuck off, who are you kidding"

I was reminded of the Yo app by a coworker. I checked in on it and now it's running a Patreon. What a fall from grace.

I dread opening my email inbox every morning. It's the worst part of my day.

We will never know freedom until we get a Gopher compatible Mastodon instance.

Destroy the tyranny of :squints: HTTP in :squints even harder: Virtual Reality

Federation support will not be ready today. I underestimated how long it would take to finish some important features.

Sorry to let everyone down, I will make it up to you soon :pixelfed:

For reasons I cannot possibly comprehend, I am being pitched by NRATV.

Its almost done, pretty soon you will be able to install pixelfed with a single command 👌

Hello Games just dropped a trailer for No Man's Sky showing player models and third-person flight, and is now showing two hamsters for "moral support."

Babies 100 percent know how to sleep, it's the adults that can't do it.

@maxeddy the way I explained it to management that finally clicked was "bad guys do agile and automation too"

I've been trying to drive this point home for a while to people unfamiliar with : The bad guys don't need to target you, specifically.