Introducing Waterfall, a "Mastodon-based Instagram clone" prototype. It's a simple SPA (3 files) that can be installed on any static server, to replace the frontend of any Mastodon instance, specifically to make it look like a photo sharing platform.

It's written in @elmlang, and the source code is at It's far from being finished, but my goal was only to prove the serverless approach. Note that it could also work using Twitter as a backend.

You can see why it would be difficult to do it in Lego, with all the spheres and diagonals. But they did do the eiffel tower though, which isn't exactly blocky either.
And that's why I managed my own Atomium by reusing parts of the Eiffel tower. It took a while, but it worked!

Lego have a range of monuments, but it doesn't have my favourite: the Atomium. So I made my own for . First, pics of the original:

This is bending the "don't make something you'd make anyway" but I've had this futuristic plant growing kit for years and at last gives me a reason to build it. Not very well, unfortunately. While radish seeds are supposed to open very quickly, they still haven't and mould has almost taken over the whole container. I'll leave it to grow to see what happens, otherwise I'll start again in a more sanitized environment.

Icosaedron postits (2) .
Disappointingly, I had to use sellotape at the end, due to the faces not being accurate pentagons. There might be a way to only use the sticky part of a note to join everything together, I'm not sure.

Icosaedron from postits.
I tried just using a pen, a postit pack and a ruler. Took me some time to draw an acceptable pentagon but it turned out not to be good enough, as the end result shows (1/2)


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