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I just realised the pencil I'm using every day was manufactured in Czechoslovakia: it's at least 27 years old and still perfectly working! Amazing backward compatibility

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I found my new belief status:
— from Ancient Greek ἀποστασία (apostasía, “defection, revolt, keeping a distance”) — I just find life away from more enjoyable

probably just a snob way of being

I spent 3h trying to setup a hotkey to change the rating of the track currently playing in rhythmbox: productivity takes time 😅

I learned a few things along the way about dbus and xpath, might not totally be a waste

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🚨 Semi-urgent question regarding real project 🚨

You have co-developed an index of data on public projects that are aiming to make life-on-earth less bad. Your aim is to grow connections and networks to accelerate positive change ☮️

You want to give sympathetic projects and mappers access to the data; you want to restrict, as far as possible, commercial users profiting (e.g. targeted ads) without contributing 🕵️

What do you do? Explanations and boosts welcome! 👍

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Cela fait aujourd'hui 236 jours qu'un homme dont la défense reconnaissait en 2018 qu'il usait à l'occasion de sa position pour obtenir des relations sexuelles est Ministre de l'Intérieur du gouvernement français. #Darmaday #Darmaday236

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Positive conspiracy theory: the cryptocurrency movement is a covert mission to help everyone realize the absurdity of money 🕵️ 💰 🤡

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Do you know when global population *growth rate* peaked? "The answer may surprise you" (Forward to all your Matlhusian edge-buddies)

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📈 Donations through Liberapay have increased to more than €10k for the first time this week, thanks to the 7584 patrons who are supporting 1035 creators.

How Big Influences Nutrition Science: A First Glimpse at Sugar Industry Documents
by Cristin Kearns from the Industry Documents Library (wd:Q22909193)

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Le Président Macron veut bâillonner la lutte anti-corruption
L'asso Anticor se bat pour une République exemplaire.
#AgrementAntiCor #Insoumis #GiletsJaunes

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Anyone out there selling second-hand phones with LineageOS + MicroG installed on them?

After doing this for numerous friends, was thinking of providing it as a service.

Interested to hear if anyone has ideas on how to build contributions to lineage/microg/fdroid into the price...

As we are heading for a +40°C shift in less than 2 weeks, this seems like the right time to re-share this 2019 video:

"How Global Warming/Climate Change INCREASES snowfall" [and other extreme weather events]

spoiler: disrupted polar jet streams

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"Ses détracteurs soupçonnent l’association, essentiellement composée d’avocats et de magistrats, d’être « politisée »..."

Quoi ? Qu'entends-je ? Qu'ouïe-je ? Les gens qui luttent contre la corruption sont plutôt à gauche ? 😱

Soutien à ANTICOR !

Pour soutenir la lutte dessinée :
▶️ 😘

▶️ Source :

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🐸 Ça me fume comme le Pélobate a *toujours* l’air en pleine crise existentielle. Ici Pelobates cultripes
(photos de )

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I'm happy to share the news that was ported away from Flash and continues to be operational

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