If anyone ever wondered what i'm up to in my spare time when not working on @prismo (i doubt anyone did but still i think this one is pretty neat) - i'm working on a clone!

Any ideas for a good name?

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i'm not 100% sure about the timing, i just remember it was damn long ago :D

Do you remember all those strategic city(or something different)-management browser-based games highly popular in years ~2000 - 2005? I'm talking about the text ones, not the graphical ones.

Are there any of these still alive? Do you know any game like that but based on idea of decentralization? That could be pretty neat

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For anyone interested in link aggregation website (hacker news style) - follow the @prismo profile for more news about the federated app i'm working on.

cc @debugninja @wakest

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Facebook puts fake red notification dots to make you believe you have missed something in order to have you accept the new Terms and Conditions faster.

Whoever designed & implemented this needs to seriously reconsider their life choices.



I with figuring out how to name a software for running a -based link aggregation website (like mastodon but for link sharing) - think of it as a decentralised reddit.

I personally like "The Loom" the most but, as a non-native speaker, i have some concerns about if it makes any sense.

Any ideas much appreciated!

(btw: software is ~50% done, stay tuned!)

I'm looking for some service for creating a simple donation page - something like @Liberapay but for one-time, not recurrent donations.

Looking for a Mastodon instance good for big focused around animal rights and animal activism.

Do anyone know any ?

oh and btw - i find it extremely hard to find a public timeline atom feed link for an instance. Am i blind or there is no such link in the instance head ?

I've found a code for this in official mastodon-api ruby client but it's completely undocumtented. It isn't, right? :)

Is that possible to consume public (only listed toots!) stream of a Mastodon instance using ruby lang? Is RSS/Atom the only way?


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