Bring the Evolution. “Capitalism is not meant to last forever. It is meant to evolve into social democracy.” —quoting Umair Haque

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Let’s do THIS in 2019. No more experiments. We’ve learned all the lessons, we have all the tools. No more excuses, no more wait-and-see.

Senators representing less than half the U.S. are about to confirm a nominee opposed by most Americans - the last graph in the article says it all.

Get a little more reach for your blog by syndicating to Medium – it’s completely safe, no SEO penalty because it's automatically coded properly.

This is a strategy that is simple to implement, let me walk you through it.

is two-sided for me: Creative vs. Operational‬

Creative: Ideating, outlining, writing
Operational: Organizing, editing, refining

Not feeling creative? Switch to an operational task instead. Whatever it takes to keep making forward progress.

Know what’s cool? When your fans create more fans... because they love your stuff so much they can’t help but share it.

Why does business need to a be a ruthless, zero-sum game? It doesn't. You can still be successful by being nice - and in point of fact, I think that you can be even more successful if you unlearn some of the awful lessons that the corporate world teaches.

Guys. It’s August. Halloween is the last day of October. It’s a full 9 WEEKS before anyone needs to stock up for trick or treaters.


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