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Take me down to tautology city where the grass is grass and the pretty are pretty

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*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

New blog post: "Tech veganism"

Wherein I try to understand what makes a "tech vegan" (i.e. someone who avoids closed-source software and big tech companies, i.e. probably you), and whether there are parallels with real veganism.

Favorite Beatle?

John Wick 3 

John Wick chapter 3 

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; and all the horses are really two people in a horse costume

*slaps roof of a man* This miserable little pile can fit so many secrets in it

This is a great article about my good friends Eric and Sonia, who are racing the clock to find a cure for her rare terminal genetic disease:

(But because it's so rare, their life-saving research is not supported by grants. If their courage and determination make you want to help, this is the best month to contribute, because a generous donor is matching May donations in honor of their PhD defenses:

Marshall McLuhan in a Starbucks: The grande is the message

I just found out that Luca Mosca, who plays John Wick's tailor in part 2, is not an actor, but actually fashions clothing for films (including both John Wicks).

[Billy Joel voice]
Small town girl
She's been living in a lonely world
I bet she never had a city boy
He was born and raised in south Detroit

The majority of Nextdoor posts in my neighborhood are sightings of chickens who have wandered away from home, or of the (escaped pet?) Chinese Golden Pheasant that's been taking around West Seattle for the past year or more.

it would be so much more fitting if the two were swapped and Morse's first telegraphic message had been "just setting up my tlgrph" and Jack Dorsey's first tweet was "What Hath God Wrought"

Notre Dame fire,possibly + framing?,I guess this is a take but not like a TAKE take 

This plane's row numbering is specially designed to torment superstitious folks.

us pol, wa state elections 

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