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*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

remember, remember
the endless september

I can see why normal people just throw their hands up in the air about data privacy. I've put so much effort into this stuff, but instead of feeling like a super-cool guy in a spy movie, I feel more like a guy with a half-working phone and no decent emoji input

Today I woke up anxious about my child's college admissions process. She is twelve years old. Thanks, brain.

Update: The world did not end. Disappointing outcome for the NRA.

girl, are you my lingering anxiety about forgetting final exams back in college? because I've been dreaming about you every night

Any movie with Alan Rickman is a Christmas movie

Trying to relearn , which I haven't really played since I was about 12. I'm really bad at it now, but slowly improving.

Currently playing a lot of games against a low level computer, and very occasionally winning. (Also working through a book on tactics.)

My daughter brought her report card home today. "I did well in everything except I got an F for gender."

♫ She tied you to her kitchen chair
With flaming locks of auburn hair
And from your lips she drew
Jolene… ♫

The muzak at this Goodwill is the Twin Peaks soundtrack and it's creeping me out.

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Take me down to tautology city where the grass is grass and the girls are girls

Yoku's Island Express is the most delightful game I've played since Celeste.

Still can't stop listening to Dirty Computer.

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