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Take me down to tautology city where the grass is grass and the pretty are pretty

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*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

If I could travel in time to any moment in history, I would go to midnight on January 1, 1970, because I forgot to change my time machine from its default setting.

Hitchhiker’s Guide update where the Earth is blown up as part of a Vogon gender reveal party

Shout out to whoever put Jesus Jones’ “Right Here Right Now” on the PA system at the West Seattle mass vaccination site today.

Doing a crossword this morning. Clue is “Cleaning aid,” six letters; middle letters are “TR.”

My spouse: HATRED?

This is almost 30 years late, but I *just* realized that the song title “A Murder of One” is a reference to the band’s name, “Counting Crows.”

Who called it “Seveneves” instead of “It’s Raining Moon”?

so, i've been prattling on about my color scheme randomizer nonsense for a few weeks, but what's actually going on under the hood?

y'all, it's time for some color theory

Technically, true “werewolves” are only found in the wild populations. Those who are domesticated and live in society are weredoggos.

The color of television, tuned to a red channel

Me on July 9th: Adding a drain_filter method to the HashMap type should be pretty easy, just a wrapper around some existing code!

Two months later, after filing ten PRs to seven seperate repos:

By chapter three, George Orwell's 1984 has already predicted the creation of Zoom yoga classes.

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