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*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

♫ She tied you to her kitchen chair
With flaming locks of auburn hair
And from your lips she drew
Jolene… ♫

The muzak at this Goodwill is the Twin Peaks soundtrack and it's creeping me out.

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Take me down to tautology city where the grass is grass and the girls are girls

Yoku's Island Express is the most delightful game I've played since Celeste.

Someeone told the AI running Amazon's product strategy to "listen to your customers" and so now here we are

Still can't stop listening to Dirty Computer.

Please enjoy this list of "The Good Place" anagrams:

Eleanor Shellstrop = Real hell to persons

Chidi Anagonye = I had nice agony

Tahani Al-Jamil = Halt jail mania

Jason Mendoza = Jam and snooze

Mindy St Clair = Can smile dirty

Not my first rodeo, not my first rodeo monkeys

*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

*slaps roof of mouth* thif baff baafh cagg hulg so manghragh trunghs

As a present for everyone following, please enjoy this frame from the movie "Santa Jaws":

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