[Перевод] Осваиваем кросс-компиляцию с помощью Clang и LLVM 

Saw someone say that dial-up wasn't "usable".

The modern web is the one that is unusable. You open a blank website and it has 478 trackers and runs some javascript heavier than Windows XP.

> "Legacy code" is a term often used derogatorily to characterize code that is written in a language or style that (1) the speaker/writer consider outdated and/or (2) is competing with something sold/promoted by the speaker/writer. "Legacy code" often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling. - Bjarne Stroustrup

99% of all problems in modern open source never will get resolved because of Microsoft's stupid fucking stale bot.

Every time I have a problem and I manage to find a ticket made by someone with a similar problem, that garbage bot has already closed the issue :blobcat_thisisfine:

That scroll-bounciness in Android 12 is dialed up far, far too much in my opinion. 😕

Played lots of #StreetComplete today 🎉!

(together we did 80 or so quests, many of them even useful things like adding/confirming opening hours or road surface questions :))


Office is fun except when there are other people.

Programming is when you never have the time or money to do it right, but always have the time and money to do it twice.

That feeling when you receive a call at 2am greatly varies with age.

Age 20: Hell yeah, where's the party at?!

Age 40: Oh shit, something really bad just happened.

В чате родился гениальный аналог FAANG — ЯВСРАТ. Яндекс, Вк, Сбер, Рамблер, Авито, Тиньков. #fun

The wlroots Vulkan renderer is now merged!

The motivation for this is:

- More optimization opportunities
- Allows compositors to use Vulkan if they want or need to

October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update


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