Things I want himitsu do for you:

- Boot-time disk unlocking with an external flash drive secstore
- Be your SSH and GPG agents
- Fill out forms in your web browser (user/pass or CC details)
- Authenticate with IRC on your behalf and pass the socket to your IRC client


- Unlock with smartcard
- Remove keys from memory when screen locked

Planned obsolecense must be made illegal

@sir @lanodan You know you're going to have to pay child support for all these AIs you're casually creating, right?

Quick reminder that "Don't be evil" *used* to be Google's motto, and they deliberately changed it

Евросоюз объявил войну электромусору | DW | 13.11.2019

В ЕС введут новые правила для бытовой техники - она должна стать более долговечной и пригодной для ремонта. Экологи довольны, но обращают внимание, что часть электроприборов под эти правила не попадает.евросоюз-объявил-вой

Once a "service desk person" had to create my account in front of me (I never say I work into IT). It went like this:
"What's your preferred colour?"
"Sorry, I need a colour name"
"I understand, but please write five"
"The system will not work that way, I need a real colour name"
"Ok, but please do...just this time..."
"Oh, it created your account successfully!"

This dialog popups into my mind every time I see this dumb "password forgotten questions"

Khronos Group создала унифицированный репозиторий с примерами использования Vulkan

The Khronos Group открыла репозиторий с примерами использования Vulkan, в котором каждый может найти высококачественные примеры по работе с Vulkan, проверенные г...

November blog post is up! Pinebook Pro, PinePhone, PineTime... even the PineTab! We've got news on all of it.

The next batches of the #PinebookPro are now shipping!

The next pre-order window opens on November 5th. A choice of ANSI and ISO keyboards will be available in this batch. So if you've been holding out for a correctly shaped Enter key (can you tell I'm an American? 😉), now will be the time to order!

Look webshits, it's not necessary for every single freaking thing your computer says to another computer to be wrapped up in HTTP and JSON

I give GNOME a lot of shit but they don't deserve to be targetted by patent trolls. Support them here:

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