My project this weekend: I used a Letterboxd list to document every time I could find that the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000 mention they *like* a film in MST3K media.

I thought this was interesting. Because of its structure, MST3K's is mostly negativity. What would be the MST3K crew's positive aesthetic of film?

List here, click "Read Notes" after it loads:

Additions welcome, this list is currently based on just 3 sources.

Finishing (?) my Zelda 2 romhack survey on stream now:

…with "Winter Solstice", by most accounts the largest and best Zelda II romhack.

It puts Link in a hoodie.

Now streaming: A Zelda II romhack somehow starring Samus?! The creator warns that it is experimental, so if it turns out to be short I'm gonna switch to practicing Super Metroid speedrun glitches after that.

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Thinkin about that claymation dog… hope they’re okay wherever they are…

So we'll be both playing at once, both playing both games, treating both games like a giant Metroidvania where we're trying to find the items (which again, could be in either game) to unlock the doors to eventually beat both, but we don't know where anything is at the start.

This is going to be weird, and I am excited.

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Hey y'all, tomorrow, Sunday, 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT, me and @zandra are going to be doing an interesting stream:

We are plugging together ALL these emulator hacks:

To play Super Metroid AND Zelda: Link to the Past, both games merged with portals between the two, items jumbled around between both games randomly to change the order things happen in, 2-player coop over the Internet (with item sharing).

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Lucifer’s Realm (Med Systems Software, TRS-80, 1982)

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Hey y'all the Hot Gamers Collective
…is gonna be doing a charity stream saturday, June 6 raising money for a bundle of 70+ bail funds and racial justice orgs.

I'm gonna be commentating on a Zelda: Link to the Past randomizer romhack race at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific.

Donate tomorrow to any of these
or this Actblue bundle
and email your receipt to and it will be counted in the event total.


For "pride month" Tor's book of the month club is giving away an ebook of 4 queer-themed sci fi novellas by:

Katharine Duckett
Seanan McGuire
Lina Rather
Kai Ashante Wilson

You can download anytime up until June 5.

You want to read the Kai Ashante Wilson one. Please read Kai Ashante Wilson.

I'm streaming on Games Done Quick right this second in a retro games competition

Spoilers: "The Prestige" 

An interesting emergent detail of this chart is it happens to map cleanly to the traditional stalinist, fascist, left-anarchist and libertarian quadrants, if you assume "The Prestige" thematically favors the lower classes and the Nolan "Batman" movies are inherently authoritarian. I have created an illustration of this:

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I have developed a new Political Compass, which I call the "Nolan Square"

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