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🤘🤘 Here is my post.

My name is Patrick McCarron and I am an iOS Developer in .

I work for a parking app startup called ParkWhiz. I also volunteer for open source projects like 5 Calls and also do freelance and personal projects.

Outside of work I am a herder, nerd, lover, die hard fan, dieter (down 55 lbs!), and volunteer coordinator for BitBash, a game festival in Chicago.

My name was also given to a villain in the TV show Archer.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-8 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

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Feeling refreshed today. Ready to see Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field and hear Vedder’s All The Way for the first time since the World Series win.

After three years my lease has ended and I am going to try the carless city life.
We had a good run, Blue Bomber. May your next owner treat you well.

Got a close look at the gutting of the Tribune Tower today. Would love to explore this even closer.

Twenty years ago I took this console home. So many great memories. Happy 20th Birthday Sega Dreamcast!

Great Cubs win with long time pal who was back in town from LA.

Ya’ll surprised Popeyes makes an excellent chicken sandwich? I’m not. This thing is magnificent.

Got this fortune with dinner after wrapping up I was already discussing dusting off some old dreams and this solidified it. Time to plan my winter project.

Our biggest event is in the books. Would not have been possible without our astounding volunteers which only 1/4th that worked this weekend are pictured. We will celebrate all of you soon with a party! 🍻

The first day of at was a huge success.
Plus I got to walk through a museum in the dark.

This is so cool to see the banner when walking into

Finally got to see another favorite band for the first time. killed it tonight. Perfect setlist with a mix of their originals and perfect reinterpretation covers left me with a huge smile on my face!

An amazing show with my crew tonight at Also kudos to the amazing sign!

Happy International Cat Day to my idiots Yin and Yang… sorry Yin I was kidding don’t snap me away!

My cute kids being cute. They sit like this behind me when I am at my home office desk.

What should I eliminate half of with a snap?

Half of the MLB Central Division is my first thought. *snap*

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