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Searched my toots to be sure I didn't post it already...

I didn't...


Ahh so YouTube is declaring a war on its users... again.

PL, Gorzkie żale? 

Tak sobie patrzę na wyniki zeszłorocznej rekrutacji do szkół doktorskich.

Na kierunku na który chcę iść (Literaturoznawstwo) na osiem miejsc dostała się jedna.

Piękną linię ma nasze szkolnictwo wyższe.

Hot take but Proton UI update with turned off title bar looks and works pretty decently for a current dev status. 🦊

Watched Daemon Slayer movie (finally!)

Now I kinda want to write a little about the emerging new generation of shonen protagonist.

Hmmmm... :thonking:

Funny... it seems to work better and snappier (pun?)

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Sidenote: not a fan of "snap" folder in my home directory.

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So I think a culprid for my yesterdays shenanigans was flatpak version of blender.

Crashed my iGPU soo hard it knocked over some virtualization and busybox...

Now switched to snap version and let's see how it goes.

I like you AMD... but AMD-Vi and iommu almost made me shit myself today so don't do that anymore k?

Mom bought new laptop and now 100% of PC-s in family run Linux.

What world needs now is a audio conference system made by reddit /s.

:me playing Halo:CE:

What sadistic fuck gave basically s zombies guns?

Stub your toes ya twat.

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Do only for me Deus Ex the 2000 one. Feels like Verhoeven Total Recall/Robocop era movie?

Like i know whole Matrix/X Files ascetics but still.

And Human Revolution/Mankind Divided are more up Joseph Kosinski's style.

And if a movie about Jensen was ever made I think he would be to nail the visual part.

In my growing fascination with Immersive Sim genre I finally finished Dishonored and all its DLCs

Coming from Deus Ex it took me a bit of time and attempts to appreciate the mechanics of this one.

But in the end it was well spend time.

Overcame my laziness and fixed channels in my speakers.

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