First week of internship done... uff 😫

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YES! Finally spotted new electric Nissan e-NV200 that are supposed to work at my neighborhood post office.

I kinda want too explore the differences between the books and this adaptation...

but I'm gonna leave it for later when I have more strength to do so.

Took couple of days... but I finished watching the Netflix take on The Witcher...

And uuufff boy... that was good.

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Tis the season to be jolly!
Happy Holidays everyone!

I made all lingering updates on my phone...

Kinda Christmas gift to me an it. 🎄

"Toss a coin to the witcher.... oh valley of plenty..."

Man they really made Jaskier's songs so damn catchy... great work.

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OK #TwitterExodusScotland - waiting in #TwitterExodusCymru and/or #TwitterExodusWales ....

Please check out - you can move your account there if you haven't found it already!

Rollout the dancing crabs... IT'S HAPPENING

For my defense it was one damn good dark beer.

Ok... one 🍺 and I am drunk enough to answer to a wrong toot...


Fighting with icon theme to fit the colour, just to find out that readding folders to Dolphin's sidebar fixes it all.

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