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uspol, slightly drunk prespecitve 

Reading news from US senate only one question (worth of years) rises in my head...

What in ever-loving fuck is wrong with republicans?

Do they have a bet for vilest shit they can pull or something?

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I don't mind other seasons but...

Damn I miss summer already.

Out of nice things today is last big release of Plasma this year (not counting bugfixes).

Now this is funny... and infuriating... I can run kstart5 plasmashell from i3 just fine.. but clean login from sddm just stops.

Ok... Plasma borked itself for me today...

"qt.qpa.xcb could no connect to display"

Boy... it seem like 2020 is taking Rooster's Teeth with them.

Uff... I probably made my best pizza 🍕 yet.

Tip: Make the dough beforehand. I saves way more trouble that you may think.

UsPol, Covid19 

"Our leader is in the bestest health right now... believe me"

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UsPol, Covid19 

Holy shit, that conference with the white house doctors...

That is some most totalitarian propaganda stuff I've seen since a while.

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Runny nose season began.... lets welcome it with vodka and spices instant soup I have...

Theres is this saying that car fans have petrol/gasoline in their blood...

With EV fans its basically literal.. there is electricity in out bodies.

Finally giving Dream Theater's "The Astonishing" a full listen...

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