Planned to cut the grass today. Probably one of the last cuts of the year. But… lots of wind that’s blowing most of the remaining leaves off the trees. Good excuse to put the cut off another day, when the mowing will pickup more leaves.

A nice “Day in the Life” bonus, seeing how many folks are on the fedverse(or at least cross-post) .

Lunch break walk.
Taken in Downtown Summerville South Carolina at 12:58 (UTC-4)

24-hour photo challenge

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And to be even clearer on another point: I do not think the Democrats are "the best thing since sliced bread". And in a better time I would be the first to point out plenty of their faults.

But this is no better time. This is the choice between literal fascists, and an admittedly-not-progressive-enough party.

We can (and should) have that much-needed conversation about their many faults come January. Until then, it's all about getting the fascists out.

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Wow, this is some amazing (saving the) future level shit!

@Fairphone has released a new phone model. But you don't have to toss your old phone if you want it, you can just buy the upgraded camera modules to your Fairphone 3, and you're all set!

Check it on (great video halfway down)

In the future all phone manufacturers should make standard based modules so you can mix and match from different vendors. I mean, we can for desktop PCs, why not phones?

Every now and then a Bandcamp recommendation goes somewhere unexpected and wonderful. This is one of them.
The Birdwatchers Guide to Atrocity

Not sure of the plant, but I love it’s flowers. They grow down from the main branches on tiny sticks, then bloom on the end.

Today is the first day of “stay the heck indoors” season.

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