Picked up Sagan’s “Broca’s Brain” in a little library the other day. It’s been years since I last read it and had forgotten how good it was and what a gift Sagan was.

Ventured out for the first time in a very long time.

A House Finch pair made a nest outside my office window and now they have babies they are caring for. Love watching them feeding and hearing the chirps every so often.

I really need to get out more while the flowers are still at peak.

Maybe I should consider Overcast again.

Use Chartable or Podsights to measure your traffic? Overcast will no longer appear in your data: Marco Arment, the developer, has decided to skip those redirects entirely, after they have, he claims, become increasingly affected by ad-blocking D... braintube.com/2021/03/18/maybe

Seems like micro.blog is still having some trouble today? Is there an official status page anywhere?

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The latest version of on TestFlight now has the most-requested feature: autocomplete suggestions for @ mentions, hashtags, and emoji!

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Happy "I love Free Software Day" everyone 💕

We would like to use this opportunity to let you know that K-9 Mail needs your help.



@jzzocc Giving Metatext a spin and wanted to say how nice, polished and so far, stable it is. Well done! One of the first things I look for in a app are timeline position holding options, which I was amazed to find, but sadly they don’t seem to work. Is this a bug or not done yet?

It’s been a long time since an app has “surprised and delighted” as much as the 5.0 release of CARROT Weather.
So good.

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If you are a #cyclist, please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.

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Should et al have a way to indicate / handle people who are no longer with us?

If someone passes away, their relatives may not have account access, and people may keep mentioning, DM'ing not knowing about this.

Might lead to painful situations.

I dunno what proper procedures would look like. But I just encountered a RIP toot, which caused me to think about how could deal with things.

Planned to cut the grass today. Probably one of the last cuts of the year. But… lots of wind that’s blowing most of the remaining leaves off the trees. Good excuse to put the cut off another day, when the mowing will pickup more leaves.

A nice “Day in the Life” bonus, seeing how many folks are on the fedverse(or at least cross-post) . mastodon.social/tags/adayinthe

Lunch break walk.
Taken in Downtown Summerville South Carolina at 12:58 (UTC-4)

24-hour photo challenge micro.welltempered.net/2020/09

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