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Mathematician Marie-Sophie Germain, who established foundational results in the study of both Fermat’s Last Theorem and the theory of elasticity, and was the first woman to win the Prix Extraordinaire of the Paris Academy of Sciences, was born in 1776.
Image: Wikimedia

The Mercury-Atlas 6 mission launched in 1962. John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth; circling the planet three times aboard Friendship-7. Glenn didn't trust the computer controlled trajectory until Katherine Johnson checked it for him by hand.
Images: NASA

Maybe I should spend more time on here.

Einstein wrote a postcard to Hilbert in 1915, pretending to be sick so he could skip Hilbert's lecture and stay home to work on Physics. This is my signature move.
(From "David Hilbert and the Axiomatization of Physics" by L. Corry)

[David Attenborough voice]
The cow has but seconds to act. With only an instinctive understanding of squatter's rights, it lays down and claims the pool as its own.

Donald Trump publicly denies climate change. But he is currently fighting to build a sea wall around his Irish resort to protect it from... rising sea levels due to climate change.