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Joy of Coding fans! I'm afraid I won't be streaming today due to an unavoidable meeting conflict.

So, instead, join me next week for Episode 160 - the last episode of 2018!

Today, at 1PM ET, I'm going to be hacking on Firefox, LIVE! Come join me while I try to untangle some process-flipping complexity.

Better late than never - come join me in about 30 minutes, when I'll be hacking on Firefox, LIVE! It'll be spooOOooOootaKcular!

Heyyyyy, another fake-out this week: it turns out I _can_ stream today, so Joy of Coding Episode 153 is ON! Come join me in ~2.5 hours when I'll be hacking on Firefox stuff live! I'll probably be reviewing some patches today too.

If all goes according to plan, an upcoming Joy of Coding will fall upon Hallowe'en!

What kind of spooooooooOOOooooky Firefox stuff should I hack on for that episode?

I mentioned last week that I couldn't stream this week due to meetings. Turns out, I was wrong! Total fake-out! So I'll be hacking on Firefox, LIVE, starting in just over an hour. Come join me!

As of yesterday, we've eliminated 50% of the XBL bindings that we started with about a year ago! Great job, team!

I'm afraid there's no episode of Joy of Coding this week due to some training I'm participating in that overlaps the timeslot.

Let's try again next week!

If you like the bombast and scale of the music from Muse, you might enjoy this:

Spicy nuggets of pain, flanked by lame vegetables and my emergency bail-out bagel.

My body is ready.

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