Hey mastofriends! I’m currently using moa.party to crosspost from Mastodon to Twitter (yes, I want to keep my followers around there and help the ones who would like to migrate to Mastodon). But it’s not granular enough regarding options. I’d like to be able to post from here to Twitter with a hashtag for instance, or post only URLs of my toots on Twitter (adding a bit of friction to make it easier heee and more annoying on Twitter 😛). Can you recommend other crossposting tools?

@mcpaccard Not sure if it fits your needs, but I used crossposter.masto.donte.com.br before deleting my birdprofile.

@mcpaccard I like @crossposter made by @renatolond !

How I use it is I'll #retweet with comment and add a #hashtag or two. The killer feature is if in the first line of the of the comment you put "CW blah blah" it will add a content warning to the mastodon post!
It's a small change to #crosspost behavior but easy if you're already remembering to use CW in mastodon 😉

@mcpaccard I made BirdSite for cross-posting selected toots to Twitter.

It is on-demand (so you can select which toot you want to cross-post). And if the tweet is too long, it will generate a link to the toot.


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