Moving my account to

I'll be putting some better cross posting filters in to ensure my topics on that server are (mostly) restricted to gamedev related things, but honestly, that's what my feed was anyway.

Well, I'm going to stop using then. What a stupid rule.

Anyone have any other distributed social network recommendations? Or, a mastodon server that actually allows cross posting for people who *genuinly log in, read, and respond to things*?

What feels like a suitable compromise but a red flag in terms of the difficulties of maintaining and releasing a frequently updated and long lived game on a smaller platform. Let's hope the Anti Cheat problem is solved soon

"No one is truly neutral, so if games continue to reflect real-world locations and social constructs, politics, political statements of intent and discussions thereof will be part of that."

I finally listened to episode 3 of and I'm loving it, especially the music segment at the end. The content that Jason puts in there is just so damn wholesome I can't not feel more enriched by the end. Well worth checking out.

Nvidia Prime on Linux is basically Christmas. Holy crap. Need to try this out ASAP.

Anyone got access to 100km of PVC piping and about 6 owners of at least passable lungs?

Show thread be quick about it please or I'll ask

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Hey, how many people blowing into a tube of water do I need to get my water into space?

Just another nergasm post about playing Elite Dangerous on Proton with complete HOTAS compatibility and ultrawide support, on Linux, in 2019. It even works with VR.

I won't be satisfied until someone does this with Tommy for the entire of The Room

Discord with threads, so that having conversations isn't utterly impossible when you're in more than 3 servers

Rocket League seems to now be working flawlessly in Proton with D9VK. I'd be super interested to see some Windows - Native - Proton comparisons...

Well fml. That'll teach me for miss-clicking on a train when trying to shut down, at about 50% battery.

It's already been 10 minutes.

How is this OS acceptable in 2019...?

xrdesktop Developer Podcast - Moving the Linux Desktop to another reality

Love or hate fortnight, the event over the weekend was quite something. Check bits of it out if you get a chance.

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