Not a fan of a streamer driven videogames market. The last thing I want is "influencers" having economic motivation to rave most about games that'll sell better and make them more money, and fail to declare clearly that its an ad.

Oh wait, that's the dystopia we're already in.

Honestly the persisting over a power cycle bit is the weirdest. Nothing had been added to my fstab or anything, didn't even know that sort of thing was possible...

Today the steam runtime schroot decided to mount itself recursively, persisting across reboots, breaking basically everything on my system including rejecting my sudo password.
Fix: nuke the schroot from orbit after some very dangerous forced unmounts

Well we killed the servers, but that first jump was such a great moment. See you all out in the black commanders o7

This is your monthly reminder that compiling your game/program with multiple compilers and on multiple platforms is an amazingly easy in towards chaos engineering

I think this means I'm now higher rank than in Rocket League and therefore the best. Can't argue with that. Facts.


Bet none of you NERDS are also CHAMPION rank in RUMBLE!

Plunger OP, please don't nerf

Someone please download a Radeon VII into my face. I need it.

Just seen the term "Digital Twin" used to discribe a person's avatar at the same location in a virtual duplicate of the real world. I feel like we're gonna be seeing more of that term...

Uodate: still broke.

Little reminder that even years of experience can't get past some combinations of UEFI, secure boot, Nvidia drivers, dodgy USB sticks and confused partitioning.

*Wakes up*
*Tries to work*
*Finds nvidia kernel driver didn't like me swapping out the GPU*

Can't wait to have a full AMD machine...

To be clear, those boil down to:

* Be a genuine fan of games
* Be a bug reporting boss
* Buy on Linux, play on Linux
* Appreciate that game dev is hard
* Be kind, spread the love, and know when taking a step back is actually a step forward

If you like those last few tweets, I implore you to read the article I wrote earlier this year, and spread those virtues.

Let's be clear, properly debugging C++ is hugely important. Saying otherwise is bonkers. I'm amazed we're all having to remind each other of this...?

From the back of a WIRED magazine from 2009.


Top games of 2018:
1. Rocket League
2. Rocket League
3. He's not your boyfriend
4. It's Rocket League

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