It just all ends up feeling like a bunch of people giving accolades to each other so they can make sell more copies, and just feels so commercialised, and self-congratulatory... especially now that they're doing game reveals/announcements.

On the other hand, I think The Game Awards are total trash. They glorify a load of the same AAA games for a random selection of awards, and a stick some token indies in for good measure. The result is a bunch of meaningless brown nosing. Nice Celeste gets a spotlight though.

TIL "deactivate" leaves a python virtual env. I've been using them for years.

If 2% of our water came from the stellar nebula, then in homeopathic terms we should all be immune to the sun, but sunburn STILL happens! What say you, "geophysicists"!?

You know it's Monday when the internet is mostly dead and mercurial is returning "abort: error: Error" when you try and do anything.
Thanks, Monday.

Wow. Just wow. Cloud9 what an incredible run and an incredible win. No idea what they figured out but they utterly broke Dignitas, a previously unparalleled team. Wow.

Well holy sh*t they did it. Gods can bleed. GG.

From what I can tell Dignitas got bored of winning and just decided to nuzlock the season 6 final by throwing the first 3 games. Jeez, reverse sweep time?

Fantastic Doctor Who. This show was made for stories like that.

Man I hate 144hz screens. They make 60 fps feel like 24 fps.

I swear if I'd never had one in front of my I'd never know better. Goddamnit.

Beat Saber is still my killer VR app. Oh man does it feel good.

A new Muse album is exactly what my soul needed right now. And it's got some serious synth. Amazing stuff.

To clarify, what *does* piss me off is the same thing Alex talks about. Not Proton itself, but people acting like it's the be all and end all

fully seamless. It risks a lot by counting on one of those happening, but it doesn't piss me off, and I've been in the porting/native business for most of my adult life. (2/2)

Thing is... it's a catch 22. Without Wine/WineX the userbase would likely still be tiny. Similarly, Proton has the *potential* to expand the userbase until either "good enough" simply isn't good enough for the now decent % of players, or it gets enough dev backing to be (1/2)

Bendable phones, behind screen cameras. Future's looking pretty dope and it's already happening.

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