Anyone on here know of a good automatic/cloud tweet/toot mirror? I'm failing to get the uptime I need on my homebrew one

Honestly nothing in mobile gaming has lived up to Out There in years. Anyone got any good recommendations?

Cool stuff to know about. But I feel like if you're using one of these then maybe you're over-engineering your programs somewhat...

I've seen some confusion, and bad info, going around about AMDVLK. So I wrote a thing...

If someone says "Take the shot!" in Rocket League and you don't take the kick off... 3 times... You are an absolute melon, get off my lawn.

Glad to see my 2nd country can't even pay for its own government today. Well done all, top jobs.


The shithole is trying to gaslight an entire country...

Password managers that support and sync across Linux, Mac, Windows and Android. Any recommendations?

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