Argh spent half a day trying to repair grub only to remember PopOS uses systemd-boot and the fix was literally one "bootmgr install" command away

If you stand in front of the train door when it opens and fail to make any effort to get out of the way, the train should just straight up kick you in the nuts.

Looks like Animal Crossing, in 2020, won't have cloud backups either... It's pretty awesome I now have an extra 40 quid to spend on my wedding

When it's 2019 and you still accidentally lose a game save because cloud saves aren't implemented...

OK maybe 40% of them are true accents? But the fake cockney just grates so much

Oh no, a game based in London seemingly voiced by non-londoners with slightly wrong accents.

My ears bleed.

OK scratch that OW hangs when you alt tab but who needs to alt-tab at all really it's pointless hahaha haha ha

In other news, both Outer Wilds and Observation work great with Proton/DXVK using Lutris

Getting no crashes now and amazing frame-rates with Rocket League on D9VK 0.12
Highly recommend trying it for those who miss having rumble on the Linux version.

This stems from a week of repeatedly seeing tweet threads showing up on my feed that explicitly try to convince and yet mock (or straight up accuse) anyone who doesn't already agree. It's so easy to do, we're just built that way, and mistakes happen, but we must do better.

Irony of mildly ranty tweet that acknowledges nobodies viewpoint not lost on me

Hey kiddos! Just a friendly reminder that it's OK to strive to understand the opposition and acknowledge their viewpoint, while also being strongly *off* the fence in your own politics.

Noone has ever convinced anyone of anything without practicing the above. Try it next time.

Here's that "Additional Publishers" screen for anyone interested


If Destiny 2 goes F2P on steam, does that mean it'll also work great on Proton?

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