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hey if you're into music then you should check out this album I made. there's one free song and then the rest of the album is like 10 bucks and the money goes towards me being able to make more music for you to enjoy.

“Frankly, there’s almost no country on Earth where the American Dream is less likely to come true than in the U.S. of A”

—Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman

‘Five Eyes’ governments call on tech giants to build encryption backdoors — or else

i'm going to record some reaction gifs of myself. they will be very personal and I can use them to give really specific reactions which I think will be good. plus they will be me.

angelo badalamenti? more like angelo GOODalamenti!! because he's a good composer. thanks for following

i’m gonna keep saying the words “four day work week” until it happens

i did spend some time trying to figure out how to set up my own instance and i’m probably going with

I've been running a blog on tumblr for years and I asked for ko-fi and a follower is throwing a fit about it.

this is a cool book I bought and the author made it free. highly recommend:

Here's _the_ tip that's helped me most with studying, as a neurodivergent person 

Every time I'm overwhelmed by something I'm learning, I create my own lesson to teach the subject matter

This is a step further than just note taking because I'm mentally preparing myself to teach it to other people and as a result I'm preparing something that is better for teaching my future self as well

Main disadvantage I see to Mastodon is that if you don't participate things quiet down, but the main advantage I see to Mastodon is if you do participate things pick right back up

getting much closer to grokking schema.

{"@context": "",
"@type": "MusicGroup",
"name": "megabyteGhost",
"url" : "", "image" : "", "sameAs" :[""
], "foundingDate": "2016", "genre": "Dark Ambient"}

what's up today? I have a lot to do at the day job but am finding difficulty being productive

Mastodon is the future of online communication theorized at the end of the 1994-2006 iteration of Spaceship Earth narrated by Jeremy Irons

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