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@meganox and me, absolutely definitely not here for any particular reason, or embarrassed for being away so long

*strolls into fediverse for no particular reason*

"what's goin' down, dudes?"

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What’s the difference between a browser that’s private by default and a browser that is private by configuration?

About half a billion dollars in revenue every year.


whomsoever harrumphs are words I used today, not together tho

I'm wording good today

why do people treat arranging to do something online as less of a commitment than doing something IRL? I kept the time free, I've sat here waiting for you. a game isn't important but my time is.

i'm buying the fediverse to free all the speech

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how is crypto decentralized if it all crashes together

Trailer Park Boys is more wholesome than Little Witch Academia I shall not be taking questions

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Profiles and posts on Mastodon and the Fediverse have public versions you can share with people who aren't on the Fediverse.

To see the public version of a profile, click on the profile picture. This will open the public version of the profile in a new tab.

To see the public version of a post, click on the datestamp below the post. This will open the public version of the post in a new tab.

These "public pages" are handy for sharing with friends, because they don't require logging in to see them.

Public pages are also very useful for something else:

If you paste the URL address of a public page into the search box on Mastodon, and then search for it, the post or profile will appear within your server. This is handy if you cannot find a post or person by searching, but you know they exist on another server.

Searching for a URL like this forces your server to "notice" the profile or post.

It also works with URLs from PeerTube, PixelFed etc.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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A few months back CSIRO’s comms office asked me to do an interview for International Women’s Day, and because I work for Data61 (data science) but with S&A (space science), it disappeared into the pit of red tape.

I was worried my “fix the system, not the women” points were too snippy for their liking, but it turns out they just wanted to make sure my comments about space debris weren’t too doom and gloom. So it finally released yesterday, snippy-ness intact!


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Are you looking for people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

Click below for a directory of hundreds of recommended follows organised into 86 topics:


(If a category has several pages of follows, click "show older" at the bottom to see the next page.)

This is just a tiny fraction of accounts on here, but hopefully it will give people's timelines a good start.

Please do share this with anyone you think might benefit, for example people who are new here.

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scotpol, transphobia 

Gutted that Mhairi is no longer an elected politician - she was one of the best councillors in the country - but what a way to go!

beatles, capitalism 

i just got offended by a cartoon lol no i'm not a capitalist because i think the beatles are full of shit btw Paul McCartney is an incredibly rich Tory voter

image: Grant Snider 2011

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So many people struggle to stay awake in the morning and think of it as them being a bad, lazy person. They think that if only they tried harder they could be a morning person. But that’s not how this works, this is not a matter of choice, these people are forced awake for part of their natural sleep phase, their peak period of awareness is later, their biological clock simply runs delayed compared to morning people.

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A space flight game where hyperspace navigation is like a multidimensional game of Frogger crossed with soaring in a glider.

Hyperspace bubbles are constantly forming, moving in a random direction at superluminal speeds, and bursting. Your hyperdrive lets you hop into such a bubble when you find one, and surf off at great speed. But you need to hop from bubble to bubble before it smacks you into a hazard or annihilates you when it explodes. And also to find one that goes to your destination.

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