my first series smartphone with just uses _one_ percent battery per hour when in '2G' mode with moderate wi-fi use. this phone and OS are still amazing!

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People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid. - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

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Funny how things change... "GhostBSD: A Solid Linux-Like Open Source Alternative"... it used to be "Linux, a Unix-Like Alternative OS"

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setting the locale to UTF-8 worked, toot now runs in console -- TNX

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In the beginning, there was ed. Ed begat ex, and ex begat vi, and vi begat Vim - The old testament of Unix

the output of

`$ toot timeline`

is in the enclosed pict.

anyone what I can do about it?

(BTW `toot post "<message>"` works fine!)


I just installed toot on FreeBSD to get here using CLI but are getting some errormessages I can't understand...

-rules probably were abandoned because some calculations became too simple to solve.

try filling a table with proportions on a electronic calculator. it's just too much work, where on a slide rule you can read all possibilities at once

anyone with good experience on a replacement battery for the first series smartphone?

HTC Desire 310 battery should be 100% compatible, but I like to here more than n=1 stories

even my Jolla smartphone on has vi aboard! nearly , but I'm very happy with it! kiitos!

why are cats never eating the vegetables with the food they bring in?

changed the color in for the root account to 'blue'. that way it is always clear that you are editing a file as root.

for the rest root just uses a copy of my personal .vimrc, with a few lines pointing to plugins deleted

great way to learn :

copy the html code of an interesting article, and use vim to clean up until you have a decent file with only the wanted text

an interesting article make you go on until finished
first start with basic replacements, then the more advanced
learn two new commands per day and you'll notice the difference next time

advanced level: do the same with a pdftotext converted document, it has lots more funny signs and characters in it

anyone here that dumped twitter in favour of mastodon? like to know some arguments for making my own choice in this

anyone knows why mastodon isn't running in Midori browser?

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The only correct use for fidget spinners.


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