upgraded updated to 13.0

and it runs like a charm! TNX!!!

on the bird-site there was only one reaction: plugins are faster in . no explanation though.

since I like to ask questions:

is a Vim plugin faster in operating, or faster in skipping writing of the macro yourself?

or maybe it's just a matter of taste/purity/vimness...

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What works faster / better in ?

please share experience and examples in your reaction!

just discovered that in you can make a screenshot from the complete page or a selection by hitting


is cool!

just ssh into the phone, scp some files to the box, edit a file on the Jolla with

by accident discovered how to compose Japanese Kana in , by making a `typo <backspace> correction`. found out that I had a trigger for digraphs in my .vimrc, but only for emails.

rediscovering digraphs, the list is quite long!


however, European language characters are made easier with <AltGr><key>

, and are a wonderful combination to get texts done

easy, fast, no distraction and a beautiful result in pdf

attached a jpg of my cheat file (cheat is also a nifty program)

it gets even better with a file manager like ROXfiler, where you can give a string based on the file type -- define in 'Set Run Action' menu. clicking instantly makes the pdf

just have to find out that ROXfiler also opens the file with eg. mupdf

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got a Word or LO file, but don't have that software? !

just read the text:

$ pandoc <file>.docx -o <file>.md && less <file>.md

just read a pdf of it with picts:

$ pandoc <file>.docx -o <file>.pdf && mupdf <file>.pdf

who needs a GUI text editor?

never posted a cat pict on social media -- for once, 2021 can be different

finding the most practical way to use accented letters and symbols in , using and

(the image is a screenshot because a pdf can't be uploaded here)

scaling down, both for fun and getting to re-know what I really need

box with a 15" screen 1024x768 instead of a bigger one. started with looking at my old 9" Mac Classic work horse... just need one piece of software / window at a time, so why (+ physical) desktop wide? it's just distraction

this WE fired up my Nokia 108 (OK, its'M$ PRKL). phone, sms, contacts, flashlight, radio and SD-card with MP3 for on the bus. love my 1, but this one is small!

what else do I need?

did anyone here tried the based HelloSystem?

I'm curious on the look and feel


as with a lot of things, someone else already wrote down the A - Z

but making one myself stimulates memory! besides, I'd like to make it more look like a dictionary. just because of


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writing out the complete alphabet of commands a-z and A-Z

starting writing down what I know, then look up the rest.

inspired by this series, but without watching the vids beforehand

got myself a new used monitor for my box:

15" iiyama ProLite E380s, instead of the 17" I had.

why? because a smaller display size has less distraction! I'm just writing text, email and browsing, there is IMHO no need for multiple windows next to each other. TTY set to terminus-22 at 1024x768

this 15" even displays with Goyo and LimeLight properly in TTY!

what else do you need?

got to a smaller display realizing the fun I had with my Mac Classic in the 90-ies. no fuzz workhorse, just a paper-wide screen. doing one task at a time.

9-and a bit screen size is too small nowadays, having more pictures and for browsing.

but the 20" wide screen and even the 17" made my eyes go all over, and with i3 WM one window is too large and with two or more it is out of center, etc.

so there was no use for a bigger screen with WM

the 15" was used but in _very_ good condition

don't like too much cross posting from the bird site, but there are several discounts on the Mastering Quickly

just in case you always wanted such a book...

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