early Vi cheat sheet probably 1980-ies. still usable in today!

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Wise Lessons Using :

2. read the books you bought on it
3. use builtin functions
4. strive for TWD using this tool ;-)

[time to pop a beer]

got a nice function doing the same, uses a key to toggle. also found a few lines to call built-in functions from 'Mastering Vim Quickly' (p. 118)

installed the plugin `numbers.vim' for showing relative line numbers when in normal mode. makes less keystrokes a lot easier by not having to count!

see: vimawesome.com/plugin/numbers-

I'd like to hear if you choose a different plugin for this and why!

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the only thing is that python3.6 is demanding 25% to 35% CPU and makes my otherwise very silent box rather noisy...

wonder how my M$ Word documents will look next week, when going back to work...

"hi, nice meeting :w you :wq :y"

mixing , and

the is VERY cool and sharpens your skills even more, although it is another program.

eg. you'll have to hit 'i' before you can insert any text in some dialogue. right, I knew ;-)

if you master , you could give a try -- webbrowser preferably used with vim keybinds


meanwhile I know and use almost all on the cheat sheet !

that makes working with Vim very comfortable and effective.

just check how much you already have learned

my first series smartphone with just uses _one_ percent battery per hour when in '2G' mode with moderate wi-fi use. this phone and OS are still amazing!

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People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid. - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

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Funny how things change... "GhostBSD: A Solid Linux-Like Open Source Alternative"... it used to be "Linux, a Unix-Like Alternative OS" linuxinsider.com/story/85859.h

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setting the locale to UTF-8 worked, toot now runs in console -- TNX

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In the beginning, there was ed. Ed begat ex, and ex begat vi, and vi begat Vim - The old testament of Unix

the output of

`$ toot timeline`

is in the enclosed pict.

anyone what I can do about it?

(BTW `toot post "<message>"` works fine!)


I just installed toot on FreeBSD to get here using CLI but are getting some errormessages I can't understand...

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