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I'm a Berlin-based entrepreneur and am new to Mastodon.

My larger goal is to replace all creepy social services, such as:

• Twitter to Mastodon ✅
• GMail to ProtonMail
• Google Calendar to ProtonCalendar
• WhatsApp to Telegram
• Facebook to WT:Social
• Google Drive to ProtonDrive/NextCloud
• Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

Anyone has similar ambitions or achieved the same?

The first place I’ve found real Malaysian satay in Europe. If you’re in Antwerp and want to try authentic Malaysian cuisine, get your tush over to Kuala Lumpur restaurant.

#tuesdaythoughts if we're going to encourage more people to leave the bird site, perhaps posting our best content HERE, on Mastodon& then tweeting a link to it over there is a better idea than posting links here that lead BACK to the bird. Just a thought.

Nur zur Erinnerung: Datenschützer sind nicht gegen Digitalisierung, sondern für eine bessere Digitalisierung. Wir lehnen bestimmte Geschäftsmodelle ab, die IT-Sicherheit vernachlässigen und Datenschutz ignorieren

@IronMan Mastodon is my new home. Twitter is too toxic, and it absolutely brings out the worst in good people.

Good morning! The Vienna workshop will begin soon

This is my serious account, the funny one is my bank account

hey! quick reminder for multi-word #HashTags - use CamelCase (ie. capitalizing the first letter of each word) to help screenreaders read them properly


Warum ich zufriedener Kunde bei bin: "Wir sehen es als unsere Aufgabe an, hier aus grundsätzlichen gesellschaftlichen Erwägungen diesem Treiben etwas entgegen zu setzen und für eine freie, sichere Kommunikation einzutreten."

Thank you @laura for reminding us that technology should be accessible and easy to use, especially when it comes to protecting our privacy!

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No to Chrome – wants to automate us

There is a simple first step that every internet user can take to make things a little better. Seek out a better web browser to replace Google Chrome and tell everyone to do the same.

Question: what kind of troubles have you had getting friends and family to move to / the and what could help make the transition easier?

For some time I've been trying to get people to understand how much their is being invaded, constantly. I thought if they only knew, they would automatically care and do something.

However, recently I've learned that it probably isn't a matter of ignorance. It's a matter of . Rather than "I've got nothing to hide", it's "I've no reason to care."

Even if this isn't true for everyone, it makes me incredibly sad.

So, let me just have a good cry, then I'll start over again.

Does anyone have a favorite source for white noise/ambient noise (like rain, fireplace, waves)?

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