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I'm a Berlin-based entrepreneur and am new to Mastodon.

My larger goal is to replace all creepy social services, such as:

• Twitter to Mastodon ✅
• GMail to ProtonMail
• Google Calendar to ProtonCalendar
• WhatsApp to Telegram
• Facebook to WT:Social
• Google Drive to ProtonDrive/NextCloud
• Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox

Anyone has similar ambitions or achieved the same?

Next time you're outside, take a look at the clouds.

Now on my way to Linz 🇦🇹 to give a talk about #ActivityPub tomorrow at the “Building a European Cultural Backbone” convention. 🇪🇺

#JulieNolke had a #baby and it's hilarious:

Also watch the advertisement - it's worth your laugh 😉

A big shoutout to @joinmastodon for their recent article "Twitter buyout puts Mastodon into spotlight" by Mastodon founder @Gargron We featured your article in this month's #FreeSoftwareSupporter Let's all flock over to Mastodon now that the time is ripe!

I made a #mastodon account for my #opensource app @novelwriter 😊

It is a writing app for novels, written in Python and Qt5. It runs on #Linux, #Windows and on #macOS

Come check our stand at Berlaymont building in Brussels, let’s exchange views on the EDPS pilot project on the fediverse

So I guess it's time for my #introductions

I'm Andrea, a landscape archaeologist based in Rome. I did my PhD on spatial distribution of Iron Age archaeological sites along the Euphrates river.

Currently, I am working on remote sensing tools applied to cultural heritage and arch. landscape studies, plus on Historic Landscape Characterization in the Near East, and similar.

Super happy to have found this community on Mastodon!

Ihr wollt mehr? Ihr bekommt mehr: Bitte begrüßt mit uns zusammen ganz herzlich das @bmbf_bund auf unserer Instanz 🙂 / ÖA

📣 Tonight 6pm CET the Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte e.V. will hold a talk on BigTech social networks (in German). The study is organized by the lawyer who helped @Mastodon incorporate as non-profit LLC.

Official Mastodon for Android app is coming soon. Get on the mailing list to be notified when it launches!

Year progress: ▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 10.1%

Und damit "Hallo Mastodon 💜" und schonmal sorry, das ich es vermutlich nicht schaffen werde, das hier regelmäßig zu bespielen.

Shout out to @puckipedia for finding CVE-2022-24307, shout out to the European Commission for sponsoring a bug bounty program that incentivized the discovery, and shout out to @Claire for organizing the patch releases!

@dansup yes, congrats @Gargron and many thanks to @NGIZero

I am guessing that with and on a compatible Groups implementation, we should be able to finalize some great FEP's for groups and finally close the 2 year long open discussion on

And then maybe move on to Unbound Actors wrt Groups, direction where @diogo of is moving towards.

's first annual report! Read about our financials, accomplishments, and plans. Available under:

I'm terribly sorry for today's downtime. We are now back.


Yesterday my hosting provider, Hetzner, received an abuse report for our entire IP due to a user account that apparently was used as a botnet controller. I suspended the account immediately, but forgot to submit a statement to Hetzner.

After 24 hours, the IP to was locked by Hetzner. I've reached out to them as soon as I learned of this.

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