excited to announce i've taken up a new position as the muffin man and i'll be moving to drury lane by the end of next month

thinking of becoming the kind of guy who always has a popsicle stick in his mouth

recently wrote this piece on Resident Evil 3's remake, the Nemesis, and how the developers misunderstood the purpose/appeal of the iconic monster 💚 🧟


the builders working in my house politely pretend not to notice as a red duck in a muscle shirt and a purple frog help a 38yo man do his morning animal crossing calisthenics routine

often you will gEt the urge to do, in these cASes it is REcCommenDed that you simply do not

me 20 years ago: we should discuss how to create a fair society
me now: if you think landlords and CEOs deserve more money I'm going to shit on your car

how do you find interesting people starting from scratch on mastodon, without an algorithm to guide you?

#️⃣ hashtags work a lot better here than on twitter because people generally use them in a relevant way. a good discovery tool i've found is to search the hashtag for something you're into and find cool people saying cool stuff, then follow!

sometimes i think about a player i used to have who would just look at the map i had meticulously drawn and covered with fog of war, figure out where the edge of the paper was, and announce they were going the other way "because that's where the map is"

getting in on the ground floor of the phrase "this loses the internet today"

"hi dad i am just calling to tell you I really like caramel KitKat okay bye" cool alright thank you 8yo son for the info

i don't have a NSFW account because all my content is unsafe for everyone

me: i never have enough time to do creative work
me: you have time right now!
me: how about you shut the fuck up, my dude

FYI if you go to 'preferences' and turn on SLOW MODE you can stop the auto-scrolling that makes the local and federated timelines basically unreadable... should probably be on by default

in case you want to know what i'm about, specifically, i write video game essays on obscure and thoughful topics via my website Debug Mode... personal favourites include how MGSV builds a cult, Bloodborne's attitude to cosmic horror, and why FFVII Remake is so SEXY


point me towards some video game and ttrpg creators on this tootsite

hello i'm andy and i write stuff and make worlds. if you're into video games analysis i do that at debugmode.io; if you make games i write for them; if you're into tabletop i talk about D&D, Call of Cthulhu and others often; if you like shitposting, i do that all the time 🤔

posting on Mastodon feels like participating in the dark web


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