authenticatie uitgefaseerd.
Maakt eigenlijk niet veel uit, SMS voegde al helemaal niets toe aan niveau beveiliging (zei de Stork adept).

as promised... this is the link to the unstoppable Emilio Mordini - a must see presentation about identity and privacy (you only need to create an account to see it)

The EU Commission is planning automatic CSAM scanning of your private communication – or total surveillance in the name of child protection. This would be the worst surveillance apparatus outside of China:

Op Mastodon, een alternatief voor Twitter, is de sfeer nog ouderwets gemoedelijk

In de Gadgetdesk bericht de wetenschapsredactie wekelijks over technische speeltjes en nieuwe apps. Wie het tijd vindt om te vertrekken van Twitter, kan terecht op Mastodon.

Since so many people said this should be multiple choice.
What fediverse software(s) do you use, please boost for scale.

Hello Mastodon art people! I’m Julia, an illustrator and naturalist from Germany. I’ve quit all social media a few years ago because addictive algorithms, ads, infinite scrolling and tracking surveillance were killing my creativity.
Mastodon is likely the last social media experiment I’ll try. Here are some birds for you, because although I’ve left Twitter, I love drawing birds.
#MastoArt #art #illustration #birds #watercolor #TraditionalArt

@fraukru Das #FediVerse ist die gesamtheit der offen miteinander vernetzten dienste wie #Mastodon, #Friendica, #Pixelfed, #Diaspora, #Funkwhale und einigen mehr.

Dabei gibt es verschiedene gemeinsame protokolle die mache sprechen und manche leider nicht.

Hier gibts eine andere graphische übersicht:

Via… //

for me the conference has ended. Tomorrow going back home.

It was a memorable event. Great meeting old friends again, meeting new friends and having a great time in a great new location.

@kuppingercole thank for hosting the event! Final diary post on Monday!

Yes, standards!

For me it is strange that XACML is seen a standard policy language... For me it is a reference architecture for access

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Key question: Who can have access to what?

The 'why', can be found in our whitepaper ;-)

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Allan Foster (Forgerock hero) on stage. About how to enforce access control. I love this topic (obviously... feel free to download our whitepaper, without registration 😉 )

Stork v2 remodelled - it looks like @iC_Consult, like me, prefers Stork over e-IDAS (I always preferred the multi-dimensional model over the simple uni-dimensional of e-IDAS, all nuances are being neglected. e-IDAS: please rethink...

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zero trust is a hot ropic and @icc_andre of @iC_Consult shows howto get there

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